Adobe makes AI-powered marketing a cinch

Following the introduction of Adobe’s Intelligent Services suite of AI-as-a-Service tools earlier this year, Adobe has announced a new set of AI tools into its digital marketing software
14 October 2020
  • Adobe’s new Customer and Content AI helps customers improve their marketing campaigns while streamlining processes for better efficiency
  • The new AI tools can be leveraged to deliver deeper insights and analyze real-time data to better understand users’ actions   

As organizations continue to look for new ways to drive growth while steadying costs, artificial intelligence (AI) solutions are proving an uncanny ability to support both.

With the right implementation, AI tools can uncover insights in data to help refine customer experiences or optimize marketing investments. While brands are constantly looking to maximize the performance of their content, a deep understanding of customer preference is essential. This can often be difficult, however, and can put serious limitations on what brands and organizations can achieve due to having too much data to rummage through.

Following the introduction of Adobe’s Intelligent Services suite of AI-as-a-Service tools earlier this year, Adobe has announced a new set of AI tools into its digital marketing software with the aim of helping companies sharpen their marketing campaigns.

Streamlined processes

The new set of AI features released this week under the Adobe Experience Cloud solution include the scanning and labeling of thousands of product images by color and shape, as well as the use of natural language processing (NLP) technology to read an article to determine its subject.

The AI features incorporated into Adobe’s software hopes to simplify the recommendation process for marketing campaigns. Similar to a Netflix suggestion for the next thing to watch, or a music streaming platform’s suggested recommendation, the new set of AI tools help to point customers in the right direction for the next product.

A retailer, for example, can automatically label and account for an image’s color composition while enabling visually similar product recommendations intuitively to customers based on its shape, design, and color. The tool’s content intelligence also enables the platform to learn from a search and then show items comparable based on color metadata.

While the technology has already existed for several years, Adobe’s ability to streamline the process directly into marketing systems helps to eradicate the need to export data and boosts efficiency.

The introduction of Customer and Content AI delivers new insights. Brands can now, for example, assess how keywords in searches can change results while automating the extraction of keywords and tags from multiple pieces of content.

Within Adobe’s Real-time CDP, its Customer AI can also be leveraged by brands to analyze real-time data to better understand the underlying reasons behind customer actions. The new tool aims to assist brands in understanding and predicting customer behaviors with the reasons behind their actions.

Next-gen experience

Adobe is said to be committed to providing technologies and products necessary to deliver next-generation customer experiences while offering important solutions for marketers looking to capitalize on optimizing customer loyalty.

Since the release of Adobe’s latest AI smarts, GPU giant Nvidia has been noted as an early adopter of Adobe’s Customer AI and have successfully been able to leverage the solution to identify customers who would be best served through specifically tailored content and campaigns with a 96% accuracy rate.

The prospect of practical AI solutions will become a critical competitive advantage when providing novel experiences that keep customers returning.