Connecting safely has never been more productive

7 July 2020 | 3625 Shares

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We’re going to be seeing a lot more remote working in our workplaces from now on — that seems to be the consensus from business leaders in all types of verticals. From Agriculture to Zoology, via even the most unexpected sectors, like Manufacturing and Utilities, employees have proven that they can work from just about anywhere with an internet connection.

A research paper by Nick Bloom from Stanford University states that workers stationed at their home office-come-kitchen table, are more productive than their workplace-only counterparts. They also take fewer days off sick and are less likely to hunt for new jobs.

Those are facts that will be of massive interest to any employer keen to improve performance and efficiencies. Better performance, increased value for money from each worker, and a happier workforce overall — what’s not to like?

There are a couple of significant caveats, however, revealed in a single statistic published by Robert Half Technology, taken from an independent survey. In the paper, researchers found that the average worker loses 22 minutes of every working day to technology’s failings.

The much-hated blue-screen-of-death is much rarer than it used to be, thankfully. However, modern-day workers are still spending valuable resources trying to set up working webcams, getting microphones to operate, logging into online meetings and calls, and sending one another email links to file-sharing platforms that ask for unknown accounts’ details — these are everyday irritations that most people can identify with.

The secret to maximizing productivity, collaborating effectively, and reducing tech errors and miscommunications lies in unification: of all the channels of communication. That’s the promise of UCC software (unified communications and collaboration) from the market leaders in this technology-of-the-moment, GoTo , part of LogMeIn.

The GoTo suite of products comprises a single solution to the multiple channel problem. In one place, it brings together workplace communications like VoIP telephony with video conferencing, webinars, chat, and more. The kicker is that all of this comes at its massive cost-savings in terms of price.

At the heart of any UCC platform is the ability to connect wherever, whenever. International and domestic calls, screen-sharing, and video conferencing from GoTo ensures your business never misses a beat. Formerly known as Jive, GoToConnect is already well-known as a cloud-based platform that provides a solid foundation for organizational and team efficiency.

In the age of remote working, employees stay productive, and thanks to cloud-based solutions, always connected: to the workplace, to one another, and customers and partners.

In the last few months, on-premise PBX and VOIP solutions have been gathering dust — and ringing up costs. But with the cloud-based GoToConnect platform, all the power of a centralized communications platform is brought to bear. Most companies report a cut in costs of up to 87% over their existing providers’ services.

The IT department loves its centralized control and management, and the end-users, your employees, benefit from just one single sign-on to all services. That facility alone means workers spend significantly less time switching from platform to incompatible platform, and the IT department has only one solution to manage the GoToConnect’s many hundreds of features.

If you are running your business remotely, now and in the future, the communications and meetings platform may just be the answer to productivity worries that many are experiencing.

The GoTo Suite is trusted to maximize productivity while delivering a powerful UCC solution for one low price. And with GoToConnect, your employees can collaborate seamlessly through a single desktop or mobile app, keeping them productive no matter where work (or life) takes them.

We’re also looking at other products within the GoTo Suite, so read on if you’re interested in how to start collaborating simply and securely, without boundaries.

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