Grammarly Business – helping to unify the business voice of remote workers?

How Grammarly's new style guide for enterprise can benefit your (distributed) organization.
10 June 2020

Grammarly offers enterprise style guide. Source: Grammarly

  • Grammarly has over 20 million users using its services daily
  • Its new offerings will help organizations develop consistency in voice branding
  • A customizable company style guide can be significant for a dispersed workforce

Grammarly, the company behind developing a digital writing tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technology, has racked up over 20 million daily users since their inception in 2009. 

The technology company’s main task is flagging spelling mistakes, and grammar violations. Last year, they introduced a tone detector to help users understand how their messages and content are being perceived. The tone detector utilizes machine learning to analyze features of the writing – such as punctuation, word choice, and sentence structure – and extrapolates conclusions. Users can then adjust their ‘tone’ based on suggestions from Grammarly.

The latest addition to Grammarly’s offerings is a custom style guide for their Grammarly Business subscription users.

Anticipating an emerging generation of remote workers and a dispersed workforce, Grammarly’s custom style guide aims to help organizations maintain consistency in their brand voice throughout their various communication channels.

Taking into account that employees may be writing using a myriad of interfaces and tools, the transition from one communication platform to another may require employees to keep engagement using different language tones.

Traditionally, companies can spend a lot of time ensuring that their employees adopt and use a consistent company style guide. Getting the brand tone right requires a lot of resources – training and maybe even a team to oversees all copy and assets. Their new feature serves as a simplified and feasible approach to establishing consistency in company communications.

Grammarly Business aims to help companies unify their written brand voice at scale. The digital writing tool is meant to be used across the organization, keeping both consistency and customized company compliance in written materials.

With being able to customize their style guide, companies can add, edit, and remove writing suggestions as they see fit, keeping up with their market trends and emerging jargon. By keeping their style guide up to date, company employees across different departments are able to ensure a uniform means of communication and provide a consistent brand voice for customers.

While Microsoft Editor has been pitted against Grammarly in the narrow market of spell checks and grammar correction, Grammarly’s venture into unifying a brand’s voice amid dispersed and remote workers set the company on a different path.

“Grammarly is committed to helping organizations of all sizes accelerate business results through better communication, and we believe that style guides will prove to be an impactful tool for business customers,” Dorian Stone, general manager, Grammarly Business said in a press release.

Stone added: “Consistency in business communications is table stakes for gaining brand credibility and trust among key stakeholders.

“But it’s difficult to maintain with a distributed and diverse workforce using a variety of writing platforms – even more challenging for businesses now working remotely without established processes in place. Style guides offer a solution.”

Grammarly will do well in focusing on improving collaboration and upholding consistency in communication across dispersed workforces. Amid the pandemic, the new feature can set the stage for brands to strengthen their voice and identity through language.

In a world of uncertainties and ever-changing dynamics, consistency may be the key to standing out.