XR Immersive Enterprise 2020 goes digital

XR Immersive Enterprise has shifted online – learn how your business can seize the power of XR next month, with leading experts.
29 April 2020

Extended reality — the technology of the future. Source: Shutterstock

The impact of COVID-19 is being felt across every sector, not least in events where the ban on public gatherings has made it temporarily impossible to hold crucial industry meets in person. 

However, thanks to its wide network of speakers and dynamic approach, XR Immersive Enterprise is pleased to announce that it will be going fully online on May 5 to deliver three days’ worth of market-leading content free and direct to viewers’ homes. 

TechHQ supports XR Immersive Enterprise as an official media partner. 

Not only will virtual attendees have access to more than 40 industry-leading speakers but networkers need not miss out, with interactive sessions, a digital exhibition with more than 20 solution providers and a one-to-one meetings service to foster new partnerships in a rapidly-evolving marketplace. 

Online events like XR Immersive Enterprise are essential because COVID-19 hasn’t just disrupted the events landscape; it looks set to also dramatically transform the XR industry. A renewed focus on home entertainment during lockdown periods is driving interest in virtual reality, while institutions that would normally welcome visitors are maintaining interest through virtual tours. 

There are also distinct advantages when deploying XR technologies in enterprise, as a supplement to in-person activities across several sectors including construction, insurance and pharma. 

Then there are the distinct challenges to be met. Companies are understandably examining spend during these challenging times. As a still relatively new technology use case, XR is having to work even harder to demonstrate its value. 

That value comes from the growing network of content creators, hardware manufacturers and connectivity providers who are working together to deliver ever more engaging and immersive experiences for users. 

Events such as XR Immersive Enterprise are critical to building those networks and establishing strong, profitable partnerships for future development. 

To find out why Microsoft described the industry representation as “impressive” while Accenture referred to speakers as “AAA quality”, or learn what speakers from Novartis, Deutsche Telecom and Rolls Royce can reveal about their latest XR strategies, check out the website, or sign up to attend – for free – here