#XR2020: Learn how XR could be your next big thing

TechHQ partners with two new events focused on the power of XR in business.
5 February 2020

VR and AR technology brings transformational potential to businesses. Source: Shutterstock

The global extended reality (XR) industry is now worth over US$209 billion, according to a report by Research and Markets, and is set to experience annual growth of 65 percent over the next five years.  

The rapid expansion of XR offers immense potential for all industries; early adopters are set to benefit in the years to come.

That said, many businesses aren’t sure where to start. Innovative ideas must be accompanied by managerial buy-in, financial support, and long-term planning. A smart businessperson not only sees the potential for extended reality but knows how they want to use it – and how to sell it to their superiors.

TechHQ is a media partner for Reuters Events’ XR Intelligence 2020 series, comprising XR Europe, in London from April 28 – 29, and XR Immersive Enterprise Conference, arriving in Boston from May 5 – 6. 

Both events will serve as an interactive immersion into the emerging technology, with experts from leading brands showcasing how they’ve implemented the technology into their companies.

Featuring more than 100 leaders from companies like Lloyds Banking Group, BNP Paribas, Vodafone, Wayfair, UPS and Novartis, attendees to these two events can hear the lessons they learned along the way and how those lessons can be applied to your business. 

Delivered by experts using the technology, presentations will be backed by real case studies, with a focus on providing facts, figures, and tips to achieve stakeholder buy-in in order to turn ideas into action within your business.

Register for this conference to network with industry leaders and to explore these dynamic sessions:

  • Insights on how to identify and overcome the barriers to implementation and how to sell your boss on the technology
  • Learn the business of XR – its costs, its ROI and how it can be scaled to your unique business needs
  • Observe more than 20 case studies across multiple industries and sectors, including automotive, aerospace, construction, oil and gas, retail, healthcare and more
  • Attend roundtable discussions geared towards every step of XR awareness and participation, led by experienced moderators
  • Experience the latest XR hardware, software and content specifically designed for business purposes 

Don’t miss out on this explosive opportunity to ride the wave of the future: start thinking about how XR can transform your business today.

Find out more about XR Europe and XR Immersive Enterprise Conference today, and look out for interviews with featured experts in the months to come.