87% of AIOps tool deployments a success, finds study

Tool deployments are proving a success, but some concerns linger.
2 May 2019

Implementing Artificial Intelligence Operations (AIOps) tools is proving a success for businesses in nearly nine out of 10 cases, despite being new ground for the IT department.

The stat comes courtesy of a survey by OpsRamp, which found a majority of IT decision-makers reported their AIOps tools were currently delivering the value they expected.

Coined by Gartner in 2017, AIOps refers to the way IT teams manage data and information in their environment using AI and machine learning technologies.

A growing trend, vendors have flooded the market to provide machine learning and AI-driven tools to enable concurrent use of multiple data sources, data collection, real-time analytics, and data visualization.

The research found that 87 percent of business tech stakeholders felt AIOps tools were delivering value. IT operations were reported to have become more proactive as a result, and the resilience of hybrid infrastructure improved.

In terms of operational benefits as a result of AIOps deployment, 85 percent of IT departments are seeing productivity gains by eliminating low value, repetitive tasks across the incident lifecycle.

Meanwhile, faster remediation of issues with quicker root cause analysis (80 percent) and better infrastructure performance through noise reduction (77 percent) were also cited as key perks.

“Automation continues to be the most important end-goal for IT operations teams who are swimming in data and routine tasks,” OpsRamp SVP, Bhanu Singh, told TechHQ.

“AIOps solutions that make automation scalable and smart will lead the way.”

Singh said management of alerts, events and incidents were proving the best use cases for AIOps and driving tangible results for businesses, adding that solutions providers should continue to work on how they can “alleviate the crushing weight of alert smog”.

On the positive results of the study, Singh added: “AIOps has emerged as an enduring, value-creating technology for the next phase of modern IT operations management.

“Most IT practitioners are reporting that AIOps tools are increasing mean-time-to-resolution of incidents by as much as 50 percent. That’s clear, tangible value, and frees IT teams to shift left and think more strategically.”

Despite the positive reception of AIOps, however, the report uncovered some concerns that will need to be addressed by AIOps tool providers as the approach enjoys continued adoption.

More than two-thirds of IT leaders (67 percent) said that data accuracy and trust in the reliability of AIOps tools’ recommendations was a key apprehension.

Meanwhile, a lack of skilled employees with data science and machine learning skills was a familiar concern (64 percent), while loss of control (52 percent) was another major sticking point.