Why video strikes the right chords with customers

In order to market your products and services in a way that really connects with your audiences, you'll need videos. Here's how they help you.
28 August 2018

The right way to speak to your audience is to make sure you have a voice. Source: Shutterstock.

When you’re creating marketing content, it’s easy to forget what the customer or end user really wants and get busy with what your team is most proficient at creating.

A lot of marketers keep insisting on creating content in different formats, however, many struggle to get the returns they seek. The fact is, customers prefer consuming content in certain ways and on certain platforms — and more often than not, it’s videos that strike a chord with customers.

This isn’t to say that creating written content or infographics is a waste of time. Quite the contrary. Planning and creating long format blog posts is actually one of the best uses of a content marketers’ time.

The trick, however, is to ensure that the content is repurposed accordingly to feed the script for video content.

Videos bring text and images to life and as a result, are much more engaging. They’re also much more likely to build a rapport with consumers from the get-go rather than text-based content that may take longer to get to the point.

Here are some reasons why marketers must start thinking about creating more video content, whether their teams are gifted videographers or not:

Improves direct sales

People are emotional creatures. They make decisions emotionally, not logically. That is why storytelling is such a powerful tool. It involves moving images, voices, and tonality, which creates an emotional connection between your brand and your consumers.

It is more likely that the consumers will buy into your brand as videos make it easier for the consumers to digest the information and make you appear more convincing and trustworthy.

Now,  how do you decide whether to use videos or animations?

The key deciding factor is whether we want to deliver more of an experience or an explanation.

For products that are easily understood, you might want to take on an ‘experiential’ approach that amazes the audience. Videos are undoubtedly better for that since they’re more immersive.

On the other hand, if it’s a new product or service that isn’t easily understood and needs more explanation, animation works better since they can break down complex topics into digestible bites.

Boosts conversion rates

Videos grab attention on social media better than any other medium.

Since audiences understand the message better and faster, adding a call to action button at the end significantly boosts conversion.

The call to action can prompt them to contact you for inquiries or go to your website to find out more.

Videos create an emotional bond with your audience. This emotional bond leads to an increase in conversion rate by as much as 20 percent. In a nutshell, it is safe to say that these videos help in converting your visitors into customers.

Increases user engagement

When people play your video, they show that they’re interested in the product or service you are advertising.

Therefore, if you see your video post getting a lot of views, you should boost it. You will realize that exponentially more people will view your video and this leads to higher clicks, engagement, and overall traffic.

User engagement can be best observed when one starts to engage in your video by liking, commenting, or sharing the video. Videos have one of the highest engagement levels as a marketing tool.

Improves brand identity and recall

Your brand is an intangible thing. It is what others intrinsically feel when they hear about your brand. That is why it is important that your videos create an emotional bond with your audience.

By marketing your video to a greater audience, it improves your brand identity and boosts brand recall. In the long run, having a stronger brand will help you stand out from your competitors.

Therefore, it is wise to increase your efforts in improving your brand name. Marketing your video on platforms such as Facebook can help generate a buzz among the intended audience and will ultimately lead to better results.