Google Ads rolls out Smart campaigns for small businesses

Will Google's revamped advertising portfolio be more helpful for small businesses looking to go digital?
27 June 2018

Google’s new advertising offering for small businesses definitely seems to go the extra mile. Source: Shutterstock

Small businesses have always struggled to find the resources to go digital.

Whether it is building a website, setting up shop on e-commerce platforms, or advertising to relevant prospects, small business owners have always struggled to identify the activities that will give them the biggest return.

Today, Google announced a revamp of its’ portfolio for advertisers and publishers, and among the various benefits it offers, there’s something really exciting for small businesses.

The company has introduced Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords to help businesses of all sizes connect with relevant customers across all of their channels and partner sites.

“With the introduction of Google Ads, small businesses can now use Smart Campaigns, our new default ads experience. We built Smart campaigns by tailoring the innovation and advertising technology available with Google Ads for small business owners,” said Kim Spalding, Product Management Director, Google.

The company aims to help customers create ads in minutes and drive real results — like getting inbound leads via the phone, sending leads to a website, or bringing customers to a store.

“For 90 percent of small business owners, the main goal of advertising online is to get customers to call, visit a store, or make a purchase. When you use Smart campaigns, we’ll ask how it’s working for your goals, so we can fine-tune your ads to get the results you care about most,” explained Spalding.

Through Google Ads, the company aims to help small businesses target the right customers and show ads to customers who are interested in what each specific business offers.

Spalding claimed that Smart campaigns are 3 times better at getting ads in front of the right audience.

Dan Taylor, Managing Director, Global Display, Google highlighted to TechHQ that the new program meant small businesses would also be able to create web pages for themselves, automatically.

“It’s for small businesses, to create simple web pages, something to put their number on, showcase their products – and is tailored to drive conversion with reporting built right into the platform. And it’s free for everyone running an ad on the platform,” said Taylor.

And although you can’t assign a domain to it, the solution will solve the problem for several small businesses still struggling to get a web presence.

“Small businesses run on passion and hard work, and they constantly inspire us to make it easier to advertise on Google and succeed online. We’ll be rolling out Smart campaigns to the US today and globally through the end of this year,” concluded Spalding.