Why ignoring enterprise tech will lead to enterprise-wide failure

Despite the advantages that digital technologies can bring to the enterprise, many businesses are reluctant to integrate them.
29 May 2018

What are the implications for businesses who are not adopting tech? Source: Shutterstock

Today, the digital landscape is oversaturated with new technologies which bring with them powerful business benefits. But despite this, there are many companies that are slow at integrating these into their processes.

But why? Many businesses are resisting adoption of digital tech into the enterprise for a number of reasons.

Perhaps they don’t completely understand how it works or the benefits for their business. Maybe they are wary of making the wrong decision and the potential costs involved.

Or perhaps they feel that they simply do not have the time or expertise to manage the tech.

Whatever the reason, these businesses are ultimately hindering their growth and productivity by not leveraging these technologies.

Here are three ways that businesses who are choosing not to adopt enterprise tech are limiting themselves.

Their customer service is not as strong as it could be

A vast part of customer service is a company’s ability to communicate promptly and efficiently with their customers.

Today’s consumers demand any queries they have regarding your product or service to be answered quickly. They also want the ability to have easy access to information regarding store hours, directions, contact details etc on a fast-loading website.

It’s time for businesses to jump the chatbot bandwagon. Source: Shutterstock

When a customer does not have these demands met, they will not hesitate to exit your website and switch to your competitors.

Thus, it is crucial for today’s businesses to have an up-to-date website with easy to find information. Today’s most innovative and successful businesses are also incorporating chatbots into their websites to answer customer queries and even make personalized recommendations 24/7.

Time and money is wasted

There is a magnitude of technologies that are designed to help businesses streamline their processes, which can save a very large amount of time and money.

For instance, in manufacturing companies, warehouse inventory trackers can be integrated which eliminates the need for employees to spend time manually counting products. Furthermore, this information can be displayed in real-time and shared with everyone via ERP software, creating far greater efficienc across the entire workforce.

In the case of business meetings, digital communication technologies can be leveraged by participants at any time and at any place, diminishing the need to travel.

Need a client or an employee to sign an important document urgently? Don’t worry- have a digital signage system take care of that for you!

These are just a tiny proportion of the many wonderful ways digital technology can save businesses time and money.

Their research abilities are limited

For a business to grow and flourish, the ability to research is crucial- and technology can really help in this process.

Technology is enabling businesses to gather insights on large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. The analysis of such data can uncover valuable information regarding things such as consumer habits and new business opportunities.

Technology is enabling businesses to gather insights on large amounts of data. Source: Shutterstock

As well as this, in regards to market research, advancements in technology means that businesses can conduct large focus groups online with people across wide geographic boundaries.

Technology-powered research enables businesses to make smart decisions based on powerful insights.

While we are at a time full of digital innovation and transformation, for many businesses, technology can seem like an expensive investment. Yet upon looking further, businesses will realize the clear ROI involved- and the advantages of technology do not stop at the three aforementioned points.

Resisting against digital technologies will ultimately result in you losing out to your competitors and missing out on opportunities for growth and profit. So, it’s time to bring down your barriers and welcome tech with open arms.