Impulse shoppers, beware of Instagram’s new in-app payment feature

Instagram has introduced a native feature for select users to use a credit or debit card along with a security PIN to make payments on the app.
9 May 2018

The new feature could be dangerous for impulse buyers. Source: Shutterstock

It seems that Instagram is expanding its in-app commerce efforts by quietly introducing a native payments feature to a selected few.

The feature allows users to register a credit or debit card, and make payments within the platform after setting a security PIN, as reported by TechCrunch.

The ability for shoppers to make a purchase without leaving the app has the potential to make Instagram a massive player in the commerce game.

The platform has been making inroads into becoming more of a key shopping platform for a while now. Earlier this year the social media platform expanded its “shoppable tags” feature – which launched in the US in 2016- to businesses in eight countries internationally.

This feature allows retailers to promote and sell their products via the images they share. Brands can drive Instagram users to their online e-commerce stores by tagging the products. A “Shop Now” button can be added to posts which link straight to the retailers’ online store, allowing the purchase to be made seamlessly through the app.

The geographic expansion of this feature highlights Instagram’s aim to monetize its user base, following a large increase in promotional posts which were identified using either the #sponsored or #ad hashtag reached over 1.5 million users worldwide last year.

An Instagram spokesperson has reportedly confirmed that the native payment feature is live for booking appointments like at restaurants or salons, for select partners.

The native payment feature could represent a fantastic opportunity for brands advertising on the platform. Making the buying journey more effortless and smooth will be sure to see sales rocket.

We’re all guilty of being lured into the feeds of eye-pleasing products- and with the option of an uninterrupted browsing to purchase flow, those impulse-buys may start to become a problem with our bank balance.