How Blockchain is putting an end to resume fraudsters

Blockchain technology is now being leveraged by the HR and recruitment space to solve certification issues, increase transparency, and detect any fraudulent information within employee resumes.
23 March 2018

Blockchain is being used to prove the authenticity of information provided on resumes | Source: Shutterstock

Blockchain has become one of the most talked-about and intriguing technologies in the digital space. And much like the internet, this technology has the potential to truly disrupt many industries, making processes more secure, transparent, and efficient.

In essence, blockchain is a decentralized and secure ledger which gives participating parties a way of validating the information related to a transaction. This, in turn, speeds up the process involves and cuts out the middlemen.

Though we may still be a couple of years away from witnessing the mass adoption of blockchain technology in the HR and recruitment space, its potential impact cannot be denied. Here’s why:

HR blockchain in certification

HR professionals spend a large proportion of their time verifying potential employees’ identities, backgrounds, and employment histories. This can be a major hurdle for many employers, with one survey by CareerBuilder showing that an astounding 58 percent of employers have caught a lie on a resume.

The process of verifying credentials has large impacts on both the hiring journey and costs to both the employers time and money. But what if you could have all your skills, recommendations, and past work experiences verified and ready to go on the blockchain? What if, as an employer, you could fully trust that all this employee information is 100 percent accurate?

Now, this is all becoming possible. Today there are a number of companies who are utilizing blockchain technology to solve certification issues, increase transparency, and therefore detect any fraudulent information in employee credentials.

One such company is Aworker, a platform which enables job hunters to store their resume in the blockchain, proving their qualifications instantaneously.

“The main goal of the Aworker is to build a global system for verifying skills and integrating this data to build a good business reputation for job seekers that will be shown to potential employers and colleagues from all over the world,” Aworker’s CEO, Anton Cherkasov, tells Tech HQ.

Thanks to a decentralized assessment and verification, a candidate’s information is updated in real-time. On the blockchain all data is transparent, and no person can manipulate this data to their own advantage. So there’s no falsifying or fakery; just an authentic showcase of a candidates skills and qualifications.

Aworker is powered by WORK tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, of which be earned through a variety of useful methods. These tokens act as incentives for verifying your skills, recommending past colleagues, attending interviews and accepting jobs yourself.

“All in all, we believe that it will be a win-win situation for both job seekers and employers. Candidates will be able to get an additional profit and get a job faster than ever before. Companies will get a tool for potential employees’ professional evaluation that can reduce costs per hiring up to 4 times,” adds Cherkasov.  

The transparency of the blockchain ensures a level playing field for all applicants. Candidates can feel safe in the knowledge that they will not lose a position to someone applying to the same job role with fraudulent resumes and qualifications.

Thus, the true potential of blockchain technology in the HR and recruitment space cannot be ignored. The technology will only make workers in this profession more efficient, effective, and productive, finding only the most suitably-skilled employees. And for candidates, the application process will be much speedier ensuring they are connected to a job that matches their skill set.