Uniting the business, the customers, and the partners: UC with Avaya

2 February 2018

Avaya software provides an extensible set of real-time communication services which help staff, partners, and customers reach and collaborate with each other. Whether you need to reach out via voice, data, video or through the ever-changing world of social media, Avaya solutions make a unified communication structure that is formulated for business need.

Inside the business

The simplicity of the solution, both from end users’ point of view and for IT professionals tasked with its management, will ensure adoption levels are high, and therefore deliver impactful business value to the enterprise as a whole.

The user interface is unique to the industry by providing all business communications needs on a single screen called “Top Of Mind”. Enterprise users can look at their calendars, contacts, and chats in a single view and start to collaborate by a click of a button. The user experience is consistent across all devices and provides persistence of information across all clients.

The advertisement of rich information, such as location, telephony status, and online presence, makes it easy and quick to find people and contacts. Combine this with safe, secure, enterprise-class messaging, and organizations will see a fall in phone and voicemail costs while ensuring successful engagement with colleagues in changing workgroups.

Audio and video conferencing can reduce travel time and costs, and allow remote workers to better engage with colleagues and other parties. Groups, departments, and communities can collaborate together in one platform, interacting and federating by whichever means are most effective.

While the power of Avaya software lies in its contribution to productivity gains and the reduction of time wasted in everyday business processes, the technology enables hard cost savings as well. With lower audio and web conferencing service costs and reduced telephony overheads, solutions will achieve a return on investment within months not years.

Customers, clients, partners and beyond

In customer-oriented deployments, fully extendable advice solutions can integrate with embedded systems, or are open for interface with new, developing systems via a range of APIs, SDKs, and webhook technologies.

Avaya’s solutions help you extend and leverage your existing infrastructure to put the right tools in front of the right people at the right time. With colleagues, customers, and partners only a click away, the emphasis is on quick and improved decision-making. Whether in a customer care center or as part of an internal function, a fully communications-enabled business can tap expertise quickly and present it to partners or customers immediately. A single click turns an instant message into a video conference or voice call for a quick consultation; teams stay informed, and the customers stay happy.

Online presence information – including whether a target contact is online using a handheld device – can inform customers and fellow employees alike whether parties are available for collaboration. The seamless nature of the unified environment hides the underlying complexities of the technology, both from customers, but also from an organization’s staff. By empowering employees with simple yet powerful tools, costs are cut and decisions made more effectively with the correct information at hand.

Avaya’s systems boast a broad range of APIs and tools built on open platforms so any of the enterprise’s applications or existing workflows can be integrated easily. Oceana, Breeze, Zang Cloud and the Breeze SDK allow the ultimate customisation of Avaya’s solutions. The creation and delivery of bespoke applications can be enriching for all users and customers, whether the interaction is with people, online, or with bots.

Avaya’s advanced communications software enables social, email, CRM and either bespoke or cloud applications to be used using one integrated communications solution. With every facility united in one graphical user interface, your organization too can benefit by getting in touch with a local Avaya representative today.