Struggling at work? Here’s how to rethink failure

by Amanda Kavanagh
22 January 2024 | 15 Shares

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Embracing failure has been a big theme on social media over the last number of years.

It was the sentiment that launched a thousand home office prints, as influencers all over the world shared their humble failures on the road to success.

The positives of failure became so ubiquitous that now many people are jaded with the idea, despite its progressive message.

However, now Harvard professor Amy Edmondson has released a new book about failure, which offers frameworks to understanding it, and gives solid advice on turning it into an advantage in the workplace.

Right Kind of Wrong: the Science of Failing Well continues where Edmondson’s previous book, The Fearless Organization, left off, with a focus on psychological safety.

Psychological safety means fostering a no-blame culture, where individuals and teams are

encouraged to think outside the norm and do things differently, to innovate, fail, learn and try again.


Source: Shutterstock

This is highly relevant to tech companies who need to constantly innovate to survive and thrive, and who need to create and maintain a sense of intellectual safety to retain talent.

Considering $600 billion is lost on employee turnover a year, focusing on this makes sense for employers, and the effects of low psychological safety is visible in every single Glassdoor review.

Those working within an organization with high psychological safety report 76% more engagement, 50% productivity, 74% less stress, and 29% more life satisfaction.

How to banish blame

Shifting from a blame culture to a praise culture isn’t the work of one person. It needs to be tackled at leadership level.

Companies that name and shame staff block performance; Edmundson discovered that high-functioning teams actually report more mistakes, accept them and move on, growing and innovating from the lessons learned as a team.

If you feel you can’t disagree or challenge management without retribution, even when done respectfully, and you don’t feel safe to speak up or own up to mistakes, then you could be in a low psychologically safe environment.

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