Simplify and streamline your IT with external task routing

25 October 2023 | 15 Shares

Source: Luware

Nowadays, it is rare to find a company that relies exclusively on one piece of software. While one can optimistically begin with a simple tech stack, as the business grows and scales, more apps and features are added to meet evolving needs. Eventually, such a setup can become disjointed and difficult to manage, ultimately hindering productivity.

Handle all interactions in the familiar environment of Microsoft Teams

Wouldn’t it be much easier to handle all interactions in the application you’re already using every day and are familiar with, like Microsoft Teams? That way everything can be controlled through a familiar and unified interface.

This is possible with Luware Nimbus, an extended contact center integration for Microsoft Teams that enhances the platform with contact center and task routing functionality.

Unified contact center

Source: Luware

With Luware Nimbus not only can you use Microsoft Teams for your entire enterprise telephony, including internal and external communications, but you can also distribute tasks from third-party systems through the intelligent routing logic. Say a customer requests support via the company website, this would typically create a new case in the CRM. With Luware Nimbus, the action can trigger the automatic creation of a new task which can be intelligently assigned to a suitable employee via Teams.

External task routing offers a lot of power and potential. With an intelligent routing system, you can easily distribute tasks from applications such as phone calls, leads, or support tickets fairly, for example, to the employee who has been idle the longest. As a result, resources are optimally allocated to increase business efficiency.

Distribute tasks to the best-suited employee

Luware Nimbus’ intelligent routing algorithm allows calls and tasks to be routed to individual users based on their skills or the priority of the task. External tasks on third-party systems are first created through a Microsoft Power Automate connector before being brought into the Luware Nimbus service queue and combined with other internal or external tasks. The Luware Nimbus task distribution algorithm will then distribute this workflow to appropriate users, and tasks can be moved or reprioritized at any time. Supervisors can also abort a task early using the Dashboard Supervision features.

Because everything is in the intuitive interface of Teams, employees will easily be able to learn how to set up, customize, and instantly implement workflows that involve external systems with the Workflow Editor, as they will be confident with the Teams-based controls.

Deep reporting for deep insights

Luware Nimbus also provides extensive and unified call reporting and analytics. All users can access dashboards on Teams which show real-time and historical data, covering call volumes, inquiries, workloads for hotlines, and more. By providing this data, employees can see that they are reaching their goals while supervisors can make informed decisions, monitor performance, and continuously optimize team members’ processes. Having all this functionality inside Teams also means employees don’t need to switch between multiple apps, download new binaries, or manage extra login credentials.

Unified contact center

Source: Luware

Happy employees lead to happy customers

Ultimately, the unified platform and its incorporation of third-party systems make workers’ day-to-day tasks and responsibilities easier, so boosting morale. This translates to the customer, too; if agents can respond to inquiries more promptly due to increased productivity, they will be happier with their service and form a better brand impression.

One company that has seen business improvements since transitioning to Luware Nimbus is Credaris, an independent credit service provider offering easy and secure credit access. Its agents handle a high volume of calls and complex customer processes, so, to maintain its reputation of efficient and personalized service, the company needed a telephony solution that could support its ethos. After a lengthy evaluation process, decision-makers installed Teams for internal communications and Luware Nimbus as a contact center solution.

The Nimbus platform has been connected to the company’s external CRM to provide data that allows for callers and their personal advisors to be quickly identified. Customers can be connected directly to their advisor if they are free to take the call using availability-based routing. Indeed, skill-based routing means customers not yet registered in the CMS can be recognized and routed to an appropriate agent. The solution enables Credaris to provide the bespoke, efficient service it is known for.

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