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24 February 2023 | 15 Shares

Source: Avnio

Responding to bid, tender or quote requests is a consistently tricky, sometimes arduous, and frequently time-consuming process. Bid writers are skilled and diligent, taking on the mantle of cross-organizational project management while penning and progressing drafts. However, often through no fault of their own, the data needed to make intelligent decisions just isn’t there for bid writing teams. The Avnio Response Cloud offers a path forward — its fine-tuned data capture informs better business decisions, fuels bid automation, and ultimately increases win rates. This is a triple threat fit for any industry, helping businesses bolster output, collaborate better, and improve response quality in every single bid.

On average, over 33% of a company’s revenue comes through formal responses to Requests for Proposals (RFPs)*, yet most organizations only end up winning less than 30%. For many, those figures are good enough. But an increasing number of businesses are looking at optimizing their end-to-end RFP journey, and for good reason. A strong bid function is central not only to accelerating growth, but to retaining clients; Avnio offers solutions that efficiently reinforce businesses’ bidding processes, enhancing their return on investment in people, time, and resources. Ultimately, Avnio addresses near-ubiquitous bidding pain points to help partners break through the one-third win ceiling.

* Used here as a catch-all term that includes RFPs, RFIs, DDQs, SQs, ITTs and PQQs.

Before getting started

Regardless of the industry you’re in, sourcing opportunities and deciding which ones to go for is a vital first-instalment in the bid process. The effectiveness of a company’s bid/no-bid parameters will hold major sway over its win rate, so having a tool like Avnio to combine data sets and showcase approval triggers makes life a lot easier at the scoping stage. Its integrated Go/No-Go scoring addresses an issue faced by many organizations — a lack of viability data. Without this, companies waste valuable time pursuing projects that ultimately prove unviable.

Minimizing the manual

The RFP response process has shifted significantly in the past decade. Before now, a small team may have manually sourced and sifted through formal RFP paperwork. As momentum built and legal tenders grew in importance to the company’s revenue     , a degree of technological muscle was applied to their often-complex execution. Now, portals abound that pull in opportunities from disparate procurement sites, as do collaboration and review tools specifically designed for the tender response process     .

Yet the manual, repetitive activities inherent to traditional bid responses persist. Often, bid writers can find themselves spending two or three days at the start of a new project filling in formalities, casting their mind back to previously covered content, and charting a course for the more meaty questions. With Avnio’s AI auto-answer and automated workflow features, you can auto-populate familiar queries and increase turnaround times, leaving more opportunity to focus resource on niche, complex responses, and the vital differentiation that ultimately increases win probability.

Source: Avnio

Source: Avnio

Collaborative at its core

Even the most experienced bid writers are required to reach out to subject matter experts (SMEs), assign tasks, gather input, and create a coherent flow of responses to an RFP. While manual assignment and follow-up can stymie progress, Avnio incorporates automated SME notifications (integrated with your organization’s chosen chat platform, be it Slack, Teams, or otherwise) to provide efficient knowledge capture, as well as clear project progress reports that can help the RFP lead to navigate several moving parts.

Their integrated collaboration and knowledge capture functionality is second to none, bringing cross-business expertise to the fore in coherent, even-toned responses. Vitally, this also helps create and maintain an audit trail, so different contributors can see where their work fits in, and how it aligns with other elements of the RFP submission.

Addressing data silos

With questionnaires increasingly complex, formal policies in high demand, and an increasing number of hoops to jump through, your RFP team are working harder than ever. In working on different projects and composing different responses, as with many areas of data in the modern enterprise — silos tend to emerge.

Across the rest of your business, the operational nightmare of data silos are increasingly (and seamlessly) addressed by CRM technology and shared data sources. So, what of the RFP process? Does an equivalent exist? Well, Avnio’s answer to siloed knowledge is twofold:

  1. Intuitive, adaptable dashboards that offer market intelligence and revenue insights, so you can see what consumers are after and align internally to get responses underway.
  2. An always-on knowledge library search, through which users can extract best practice responses and focus attention on more bespoke requests.

It’s easy to see how the information from RFP teams can enrich not only other team members, but the rest of the enterprise’s activities. Using centralized data removes localized-only knowledge and data silos, with all personnel able to access the same, canonical information.

Source: Avnio

Source: Avnio

Salesforce integration

What’s more, Avnio’s Response Cloud solution has been designed with Salesforce B2B clients in mind, working in alignment with the platform’s centralized customer and opportunity data.

Avnio is a Salesforce-native solution that scales as you do, removes many of the pain points suffered by those involved in the RFP process, and gives organizations a single point of truth.

 In addition to the above functionality, organizations benefit from rapid implementation of Avnio’s Response Cloud, its intuitive layout, and a streamlined workflow geared entirely towards efficiency and productivity. With your workforce providing better responses to the most suitable, lucrative projects, RFP teams can realize win rate breakthroughs, better identify success metrics, and empower one another to repeat the feat. It’s no wonder Avnio has won a host of recent G2 awards, including Momentum Leader, Best est. ROI, and Best Results in the RFP space.

Interested in winning more business through a slick tendering process?  Learn more about Avnio, its integration with your CRM, and the ways it will bolster your existing bid operations.