5 Durable Skills To Help You Get Ahead In Tech

By Aoibhinn McBride
20 January 2023 | 15 Shares

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As automation and AI become even more sophisticated, the skills machines cannot master will become even more valuable.

And while hard skills like proficiency in a coding language are essential for tech workers to do their jobs, soft or durable skills are what will help you progress in your current role and future proof your career into 2023 and beyond.

In fact, soft skill-intensive jobs are predicted to account for almost two-thirds of all jobs by 2030 and with separate data detailing that teamwork and collaboration, communication and problem solving and critical thinking as the three most important soft skills in the workplace, the importance of durable skills cannot be overlooked. Below are five examples of durable skills to master.

1.  Critical thinking

Critical thinking is an umbrella term that covers everything from analysis to self-regulation, being open-minded to being able to identify bias. Day-to-day, critical thinking allows for personal and professional growth and as you progress in your career, having this kind of emotional intelligence will allow you to take on more of a leadership mindset, manage others effectively and allow for better decision-making.


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2.  Communication

Good communication doesn’t boil down to being able to hold your own on a Zoom call. Good communication skills allow you to exchange information related to your job, negotiate, manage people more effectively, be comfortable speaking in public and giving presentations.

3.  Collaboration

Teamwork is a vital part of collaboration and in the post pandemic world, being able to maintain a sense of cohesion when some or all employees are working remotely for all or some of the working week is vital. The ability to coordinate and schedule are also integral to successful collaboration.

4.  Creativity

Not every tech worker is a visionary or on the fast track to founder status but creativity is an essential skill in terms of innovating, ideation and solving problems in new and creative ways.

5.  Leadership

There are lots of different leadership styles, some more effective than others, but to truly progress in your chosen field, establishing leadership qualities is essential. Leadership doesn’t just relate to people management, it also pertains to taking ownership of certain tasks, advocating for change, mentoring junior colleagues and making decisions.


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Electronic Arts believes empowering players to create is an exciting future for the gaming industry. To enable more players to become creators, it is looking for a Software Engineer to shape the technology that powers creation and build services for user generated content through modern techniques connecting multiple services together. The successful candidate will work with an experienced team that has collectively built and worked on games and backend services for more than two decades. You will work with multiple developers to bring the next game services to life. Applicants need a minimum of five years’ of technology industry experience, a BS in computer science or another relevant field, and how to design and interact with RESTful web services and have significant development experience on backend frameworks, e.g. NodeJS. See the full job description here.

Data Engineering Lead, Genentech, San Francisco

If you are a big data engineer and want to work on something that truly can change the world, this job is for you. Biotech is seeking a Data Engineering Lead to help create a next generation data engine that scalably and rigorously ingests and transforms data from its Translational Genomics initiative which brings together data from human genetics, functional genomics, molecular biology, disease model engineering, and tissue and cellular profiling. You’ll act as an architect and engineering manager tasked to oversee the construction and operation of this data engine and work with a cross functional team of scientists and engineers to design and deliver solutions. View more details about this role here.

Application Engineer, Coupa Software, Reno

Coupa Software, the world’s leading provider of cloud-based spend management solutions is recruiting an Application Engineer to ensure customers’ success by developing engineering solutions and optimizing application access. You will have a strong sense of service ownership and personal accountability, and a definite bias for action. You should have four-plus years’ of experience in computer science, engineering or similar, have some background in cloud computing (AWS, Azure) and systems engineering (Windows and Linux) in a global SaaS organization and experience with the Atlassian product suite of products (JIRA, Confluence, etc) and the ability to code in Python, Ruby or Java. Find out more about this opportunity here.

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