Flexible Is Great, But What We Really Want is Job Security

By Aisling O’Toole
1 December 2022 | 15 Shares

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Recent job losses at tech giants Meta and Twitter, as well as a reduction in workforce numbers from companies such as Stripe and Coinbase have set the tech world on edge.

Is the bubble about to burst or is the industry simply resetting itself as the world settles down after the pandemic? Research points to the latter, with McKinsey predicting that the rise in AI, 5G and cloud-based technology solutions will keep the tech industry buoyant for years to come.

Yet the recent disruption has highlighted a stark reality. While the bells and whistles of a fully remote or flexible working arrangement come with benefits, underneath it all what workers really want is job security. In fact, the recent BCW Expectations At Work study shows that for more than half of workers, job security at a financially stable company is the most important consideration when choosing a job. Which raises the question, how does job insecurity impact the workforce? The answer, in one word, is negatively.

So how can workers tackle a feeling of job insecurity?

Pay Attention

Being mindful of any movement across other departments can give you a good sense of where the company is going. Who were the last hires, what level are they at and what is their skillset? A company that’s stable and looking to the future will hire wisely, choosing people that can help them achieve long-term goals. Similarly, a company that’s in difficulty may not replace workers when they leave as a short-term cost saving measure. Where does your company fall?

Question Up

If you’re concerned about the security of your job, we encourage you to question upwards; which means asking your boss, or their boss, about the company’s three- or five-year plan and what they see as being important to achieving those goals.


Source: Unsplash

Rather than asking about the security of the company and your job in particular, this can be dressed up as a conscientious understanding of how you can contribute to the company’s success. If there is no long-term plan or leaders refuse to discuss it with staff, you may have cause for concern and should look elsewhere.

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