ERP has evolved – meet the new standard.

If you need to update your ERP system, use a reliable cloud-based system like RamBase.
12 October 2022 | 15 Shares

Source: RamBase

The first generations of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions were all about ensuring that manufacturing, wholesale, automotive, and electronics businesses had a hardcore solution to a complex problem – linking various parts of the business through electronic systems. To justify the expense of such systems, they were built to be installed and to last – and to give them their due credit, that’s what they’ve done, becoming the nuts and bolts of a company and the heritage technology on which generations of companies have been built upon.

But the first ERP systems were installed in the 1990s, which was over 30 years ago! As much as they were revolutionary in their day, legacy ERPs siloed, rigid, hard-coded processes are preventing you from having today’s operational must-haves. Businesses today have vastly different needs from their ERPs – and previous generation ERP systems are poorly equipped to deliver on those modern requirements.

Today, SMBs need a new set of key deliverables from their ERPs:

  • Cloud-based system for easy deployment and access
  • Control of and adherence to business processes
  • Quality of information across the business
  • Ease of updating and adding extra functionality to meet challenging demands
  • Scalability as the organization grows, even to enterprise-level

RamBase Cloud ERP is a modern ERP system that offers all these benefits over traditional or legacy ERP— developed for managing rapidly growing manufacturing and distribution businesses where a client needs the control of documentation, traceability, supply chain visibility, and managing increasing manufacturing complexity. So it is no wonder that RamBase has grown to become the industry solution for many manufacturing and distribution companies in the Nordic, European, and UK markets.

Cloud-based: the fundamental purpose of a cloud-based system is to allow different teams to use the same systems and work on the same live data in real time. RamBase resides in a true multi-tenant SaaS private cloud for easy access, clarity of data, and widespread availability across both fixed and mobile devices. Its infrastructure and, more importantly, your data is hosted in a Tier 4 datacentre, processing the highest degree of industry security that satisfies key financial institutions’ demands. No third-party Azure servers exist across the architecture, which is commonplace in almost many other cloud-based software solutions.

Control of Process: RamBase gives your access to broad and deep functionality yet keeps the processes simple and transparent. With resources of both a certified partner network and the expertise of the HQ team that creates the solution at their disposal. Of course, that does not only exists for core applications but includes the open framework of integration tools that envelopes RamBase, from which your business truly can benefit. Regard RamBase as the off-the-shelf, bespoke solution to your business needs.

Information Clarity: data quality from RamBase provides you with the best-in-class traceability throughout your manufacturing and distribution processes. Beyond that, there is ample opportunity for different ways to gain more insight into business analytics with RamBase dashboard data visualization and reporting.

Ease of Update: There is only one version of RamBase, and the version is always current with frequent updates to processes and functionality. This, in turn, avoids inconvenient downtime, which is usually scheduled by other ERP providers simply to suit large clients in the shared environment.

The open API lets you build or add modules when needed. In addition, RamBase offers tools, guidelines, inspiration, and even some real examples of the ways you can use RamBase as the foundation for your entire business ecosystem.

Scalability: one of the main issues with traditional ERP was its monolithic nature. It was a now solution to a now problem but had little scope to scale up as the business grew, at least, not without eye-watering re-development costs.Users are supported by a RamBase community forum and have access to a rich user knowledge base. Benefit from the comprehensive toolkit of interoperability solutions that others may have built. Ask questions, share any issues, and even answer any questions from other companies using the same modules you do.

The per user/per month pricing model is designed for organizations that may start small (and on a high-value, low-cost package), and then, as your company scales up, your RamBase coverage can, too. In contrast to many monolithic legacy ERP systems, your business platform never costs you more than it needs to do.

It has the scalability to grow with your company while delivering the full solution across all your departments- even those who have been jealously guarding their use of relatively archaic and siloed software. How will you prepare your teams for the demands of future manufacturing if your finance team is using their much-loved finance-only software and managers who are constrained by some bespoke macros in Excel or Access. Switching to RamBase would make this the last year you have to depend on those disparate systems.

Most ERP systems place restrictions on your user count, either forcing you to adopt named or concurrent licensing plans. Factor in the all-too-common obsession with offline spreadsheets and databases used to substitute gaps in functionality and your ERP value slowly erodes as the key data is kept alongside it rather than in it.

Collaborative cloud-based SaaS platform solutions actually discourage the use of disparate tools but only those designed from the ground up can operate in the way RamBase can do seamlessly. The RamBase solution was built on that premise and delivers the right information to the right person at the right time. Every time.

If you’re interested, visit to learn more about how the next-generation, next-level ERP could add to your business’s efficiency and flexibility. Meanwhile, in a few weeks, we’ll dive deeper into the detailed functionality and other industry benefits that come from RamBase. Check back or reach out today.