Sales Activator empowers salespeople for the new hybrid selling reality

4 August 2022 | 15 Shares

Source: Sales Activator

In the current selling environment, how does a business ensure that its sales team, at all levels, are gaining that all-important seat at the table, and staying there? Buyer behaviour is rapidly evolving, quicker than the market can move , with research identifying  that nearly 60% of purchase decisions have been made even before contacting potential sellers online. That’s miles away from the tried-and-tested sales mechanisms of yesteryear.

McKinsey & Company reveals that a significant 81% of B2B decision-makers now feel that hybrid selling – the mix of omnichannel sales tools, both online and off – will be the preferred sales methodology going forward, and according to Gartner’s recent forecast, 80% of B2B sales will take place virtually by 2025.

To become a skilled salesperson in this new reality of hybrid selling – one has to have a digital presence that demonstrates added value, industry expertise, be data-driven, performance-oriented, customer-centric, not to mention focused on identifying and solving the actual problems the client faces.

Developing value-first, tailored sales programs

Recognising that need to stay one step ahead of the traditional game is Sales Activator. Rather than classical sales coaching and development that relies onthe ‘one size fits all’ sales campaign (commonplace back when product owners dictated what customers should buy), Sales Activator have identified, through extensive research, that in today’s over-crowded and conflicting business environment, it is less about ‘selling’ and mostly about adding value and solving the buyers’ problems.

Buyers have more power, and they’re looking to exercise that power by squeezing more value out of every proposition. Right out of the gate, sellers have to demonstrate that they can solve the buyer’s problems, and that they can help fill that value-added gap for them.

Sales Activator’s dedicated team of sales learning and development coaches assist sales teams to understand this new reality and develop the necessary skills to be successful within it.

Co-creating effective sales enablement solutions

Sales Activator begins the process with discovery sessions to understand the current situation, strategy, issues and objectives etc. Then its team of world-leading industry experts build a bespoke program which best reflects the aim of its client. These award-winning sales enablement programs, as well as including the latest learning & development content, includes assessment & measurement tools and ongoing continued learning elements.


Source: Sales Activator

But winning is not just being taught value-based selling theory – it’s targeting the buyers effectively in the first place, and helping them to solve their issues (and not just try and ‘sell’ your goods and services to them). Account planning, territory planning, and a detailed Go-To-Market strategy will all help to shape the final sales playbook that teams can harness to refine their sales pitch not just now, but for the foreseeable future.

Sales Activator learning and development experts don’t just focus on the selling; they focus on making the sales team efficient sellers, finetuning operational performance. Prioritisation, organisation, and focus training are all part of a smooth-running, determined sales force. Experts in neuroscience teach how to cultivate mental toughness and deliver change programs that will help team members grow in their roles.

Developing and nurturing a relevant social profile is key to optimising digital presence and getting that all-important foot in the door, while professional presence skills ensure that once in, you have the skills and tools to get and maintain a valued seat at the table. Learning and development experts will drill down on value-based methods oriented to keep buyers engaged. Crafting an unbeatable proposition, building credibility and trust, communication skills, and how to present both self and brand to be in-line with client expectations: all come from professional trainers.

All Sales Activator programs are bespoke, uniquely crafted to impart useful skills on increasing customer retention rates and how to cross-sell/upsell relevant products. For instance, Dale Carnegie’s research shows that 91% of customers would be willing to give a referral – but only 11% of salespeople actually ask them for such.

Finally, leadership training from industry-leading experts will ensure that managers and leaders are able to coach their teams and continue the learning and development journey.

Benefit both the organization, and the individual

Setting clear performance-driven benchmarks (and then raising those benchmarks once the initial target comes into view) can lead to more motivated, mentally resilient, creative, and focused staff who are in a better position to move up the career ladder.


Source: Sales Activator

At the end of the day, it’s all about generating value for the customer, and the organisation. And that value can be stymied by underlying issues affecting sales staff performance – in a post-pandemic landscape, often issues not pertaining to their job at all.

Sales Activator experts include those that can help evaluate sales teams’ state of well-being to ensure they’re in the ideal headspace to generate value and therefore, revenue. These fitness checks are not just skimming the surface and sidelining the team’s true issues – deeper dive, personalised wellness initiatives are available including 1-on-1 coaching, mentoring, and even hypnotherapy from medically-trained experts.

Deep dive into Sales Activator’s bespoke sales training modules today, ranging from Graduate Recruitment to Executive Suite mentoring programs, where every salesperson’s successful growth will mirror the business’s own. Start now with this handy sales team assessment tool to find out how close your company is to success.