How to Future-Proof your Enterprise Communications

Bring agility to your business communications with cloud carrier Bandwidth.
30 March 2022 | 153 Shares

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Future-proofing your operations is at the cornerstone of strategic agility. Whether you’re moving to the cloud in response to the ISDN switch-off across the EU or aiming to provide a better CX, thinking about your big-picture comms strategy has never been more important.

Large, global enterprises can no longer rely on copper wires and on-prem equipment to run their contact centers, collaboration, and communications. The SMBs of the world have already embarked on their journey to the cloud, and it’s time enterprises begin making the same leap.

As companies grow, merge, and divide, there are times when decision-makers opt for a fast solution to meet their needs during a period of rapid growth. In the case of comms, many businesses power their communications with a bundled telecom model. Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) and Contact-center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) offer a bundle of broad services—SIP, emergency calling, SMS, and more. And while these met the needs of SMBs, many organizations have discovered the operational limits of bundled communications services the hard way.

To truly future-proof communications and make their way to the cloud, enterprises like yours are exploring a new approach to delivering telecom: the bring your own carrier (BYOC) model.

Migrating with a cloud-ready carrier

Aside from BYOC’s operational benefits like increased control, direct-to-carrier support, and more granular number management, business leaders choose to unbundle comms  for many other reasons.

The shortfalls of on-prem comms are apparent in 2022—from costs to coverage and compliance. The modern enterprise needs a scalable, dependable comms infrastructure that allows it to scale into new territories, maintain compliance with new and evolving digital communications regulations, and support work-from-anywhere and hybrid work models.

With so much on-prem equipment spanning PBXs to SBCs, re-configuring comms in the cloud often requires new tools, integrations, and an innovative approach. There’s more at risk, too—downtime can lead to frustrated customers, disconnected employees, and elevated short-term costs.

Decoupled telecom empowers enterprises to overcome these challenges strategically by focusing on the carrier first. IT leaders can also bring more flexibility and reliability to the organization’s communications, collaboration, and contact center experiences. With a cloud-ready carrier, you can move to the cloud at your own pace, on your own terms. Taking baby steps forward to reach a hybrid comms ecosystem is ideal until you’re ready to be 100% in the cloud.


Source: Bandwidth

Building interoperability into your communications ecosystem like a Fortune 100 company

Moving to the cloud is only step one. To truly future-proof comms, you need to create a comms ecosystem that ensures the discrete elements work together, not against each other. Going directly to a cloud carrier like Bandwidth means you can create a cohesive comms stack and innovate.

When one Fortune 100 banking institution needed to send call data from their CCaaS to Pindrop’s voice authentication solution in real-time, Bandwidth helped with an off-the-shelf carrier-level integration. Now, this financial institution can empower real-time data transfer between its telecom, Pindrop, and its CCaaS platform—allowing it to move more of the contact center to the cloud and create an interoperable ecosystem.

BYOC with the right carrier can help you do more than just solve complex integrations. With Bandwidth, you can simplify your comms landscape, consolidate vendor management, help maintain regulatory compliance, and deliver the call quality your workforce and employees expect.

Choose your own adventure with a cloud-ready carrier

Your carrier is the glue between the different elements of your cloud comms ecosystem.  A cloud-based, platform-agnostic communications platform like Bandwidth can help you solve your communications challenges today, tomorrow, and ten years down the road.

Bandwidth is the communications platform powering the UCaaS and CCaas solutions you’re already using—from Microsoft, Genesys, Cisco, and beyond. Moving to and around the cloud is easy with its no-disruption porting process, 24/7/365 support, and global reach.

To learn more about future-proofing your comms, get in touch with this world-class player in the communications arena.