Taking the long-range view of internet data: Martech gets a Telescope

20 December 2021 | 190 Shares

Source: My Telescope

The simplest way to find out what drives demand in a particular market is to examine what people are searching for using the internet’s search engines. For individual brands and companies that own multiple brands, collating that data is a difficult undertaking.

The reasons for specific demand for products or services is more difficult still to ascertain, but understanding those reasons gives organizations the ability to “read” the market, gain competitive advantage, and be first to offer the products or features that will set them apart.

The strongest indicator of what is and will drive demand is the combination of search data, with sentiment analysis drawn from public forums, websites and social media channels.

For larger companies that own many brands (and often launch new sub-brands or design campaigns around discrete products) or agencies that work with many clients, tracking online search and sentiment data starts to get tricky – and wildly expensive.

Very few off-the-shelf social listening solutions pull data from more than a couple of sources, and that makes it difficult for organizations to use the information that’s out there as strategic drivers. The picture simply isn’t complete.

At Tech HQ, we’ve highlighted many marketing technology vendors over the last few years, but Telescope offers something much more powerful than the social listening solutions that seem to be springing up by the dozen (thank the big platforms’ easy API access for that!). The Telescope platform amalgamates search data, media analysis and social platforms’ contents to unearth longer-term trends. This information informs overall business strategy – as well as provide the micro-scale data companies need to support product development and brand awareness.

Telescope comes with over a dozen (15 to be precise) pre-built analytical models that can uncover multiple trends and metrics, like ESG perception, attitudes to a brand, and share of search terms. Discovering how people find your brand, by what means, and in what context – these are the insights that are gamechangers for an organization’s strategies.

Empirical data pulled from multiple sources, presented in dashboards, can also show potential pitfalls for new strategies, highlighting where others have made a misstep, so conversely suggesting where market opportunities might exist.

For marketing professionals, product development teams, and customer care decision-makers, Telescope offers something quite new: data analysis that’s as specific as your products or brand, drawn from more of the internet than ever before.

There’s a free demo of the platform right here plus, leaf through the dashboard shots in this article to get a flavor of the potential power of the platform in your setting.

Something that makes a refreshing change is the transparent pricing policy. Charges are per-brand dashboard, from $43 a month for the Pro package (for as many users as you like); details here.

Now companies don’t need to present their goods and services blind, hoping for positive overall reception. Organizations can move into new verticals or geographies, present new offerings, and promote their unique brand values – all in an environment where public feedback is clear and transparently available.

To put the surety back into your (or your clients’) brands, sign up for the Telescope demo and see the difference for yourself.