White Label ERP empowers business autonomy, creating fast bespoke solutions

GenetiQ ERP is a unique white label ERP offering. It is a malleable, partner focused, brand-able software stack that breathes new life into ailing ERP solutions that are at EoL or offers ERP resellers
4 October 2021 | 3291 Shares

Source: GenetiQ

Speed is the name of the game. Speed to pivot to new challenges and markets, speed in seizing opportunities, speed in getting new products to market. Organizations require enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to accommodate these transitions as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Businesses don’t just want an ERP solution that can serve their current needs — they want one which is future-ready and increasingly customized to suit their unique propositions.

The market for personalized ERP is worth $15 billion, according to Forrester. That is an enormous pool to dip into. However, when a fast pace is required, independent software vendors (ISV), software developers, and ERP resellers or consultants need an edge to gain a bigger slice of the pie, and white-label resource planning software that’s highly adaptable could be the golden bullet.

GenetiQ ERP is a market-leading hybrid (cloud/on-prem)ERP solution provider licensing its leading white-label ERP solution out to a network of exclusive partners via their browser and desktop application. Creating ERP excellence is a hallmark of the EU-based independent software firm, which turns 30 next year. Its robust partnership program gives its partners access to its white-label feature-rich ERP platform and the agility they need to capitalize on the opportunities arising as companies adapt and explore new possibilities.

This agility comes from the fact that GenetiQ ERP is a tried and tested platform designed to offer fully comprehensive ERP functionality along with wide-ranging no-code customization options. Their partners come to them as they don’t want to start building their next-phase solution from scratch, be limited in customization options, or be tied to redundant functions with a one-size-fits-all, big brands approach. They definitely don’t want to risk unknown vulnerabilities with open-source.

Supplied with or without branding, their partners are free to customize the GenetiQ ERP for resale or adapt it to extend or enhance their existing software – all under their own brand. They also get the full support of a dedicated development team and exclusive partner community behind the scenes. In addition, GenetiQ releases new features quarterly with supporting documentation based on direct input from its partners and a lively multi-stakeholder forum.

A complete developer’s toolkit is included in the package, allowing the partners to easily tweak and develop end solutions quickly to customers’ specific needs with additional zero code- customization functionality available to consultants to affect many solution tweaks on-site with the customer. Although many bespoke ERPs are highly industry-specific, the platform also operates an integration eco-system with over 28 best-of-breed technology alliances to choose from.

ISVs, Software Development Houses, resellers, and consultants can couple these conveniences with the knowledge that its partners are guaranteed to never compete with anyone using GenetiQ ERP in the same geographical, market, or vertical. The partners also can create their own reseller network in their territory if they are so inclined. The partner network with GenetiQ ERP is pretty boutique, and with that, the opportunities to network, co-create and innovate abound.

GenetiQ ERP isn’t just about making business processes and DevOps more efficient; it helps make the business behind the ERP come into its own. When the pace of change can seem suffocating, it could just be the lifeline needed for an industry player to survive and thrive.

As Izaak Crook of AppInstitute observed: “White label software works for all parties involved. The developer gets more clients for a product it has already created, the reseller gets to offer more services to their clients, and the client gets all the benefits of the software solution.”

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