The Hybrid Workplace Needs the Agile SD-WAN

8 October 2021 | 43 Shares

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Depending on where you’re reading this, the shape of the company-wide network is beginning to snap back into its previous shape — albeit with some office-based staff now at least partly working from home.

With this new infrastructure taking shape in the organization’s wide area network, cybersecurity personnel are building SASE structures that extend the company’s perimeter back out to the remote branch and retail outlet. Typically, the required building blocks comprise of a zero-trust methodology, including multifactor authentication, directory services (like Active Directory schema, for example), endpoint-based protection agents, geofencing technologies, and SD-WAN (software-defined wide area networking).

The core of the zero-trust topology is the SD-WAN, which abstracts the network layer’s control and data planes from hardware, allowing traffic prioritization on any available systems. Working at a packet level, it also plays a significant role in cybersecurity, able to flag anomalous behavior on the network, out-of-the-ordinary data movements, sudden data egress events, or logging of access attempts from unknown locations.

However, many companies are still laboring with a traditional WAN infrastructure, manually configuring multiple MPLS connections to and from key network nodes. When networks were simpler — perhaps in a company’s first few years — that might have posed less of a problem than it does today. However, without easily configurable networks, companies will struggle to safely and easily work as a singl eunit comprising of many, geographically-separated parts. Additionally, they are losing out on the security capabilities of an integrated, enterprise-wide SD-WAN.

By leveraging expert knowledge and deep industry experience from MSP companies like Acuative, organizations of any size can pivot to a more agile and inherently secure network that will:

– give employees a safe, “on one network” experience,

– provide the business strategists with the network connectivity systems they need, when they need them,

– create a more robust security system that will protect office and customer-facing workers,

– be an integral part of a modern SASE that’s future-ready.

To learn more about Acuative’s capabilities, specifically its SD-WAN solutions designed for businesses like yours, get in touch with a representative from the company today.

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