Simplifying recruitment and human capital management with Hireology

8 September 2021 | 89 Shares

Source: Hireology

Talent Management processes have always been challenging for most organizations. In many cases, you may end up finding the right candidate for an open role, but if you fail to keep them satisfied at work, they will be tempted to look elsewhere for sunnier, more satisfying shores.

Today, employees not only want the ability to have a sufficient work-life balance, but they also want to enjoy the benefits of a hybrid workplace environment. Employers themselves want to avoid high turnarounds in their company and are trying to make the entire work experience for employees as comfortable as they can without — of course — disrupting the enterprise’s productivity.

Successful organizations that manage to retain their team always focus on ensuring their employees have a pleasant and supportive work experience once they are hired. And this process starts from picking the right candidate for the job.

This is why some organizations have renamed their human resources department to human capital management or even “people resource center”, intending to focus on employee wellbeing from the moment they join an organization.

Employee experience

Source: Hireology

However, changing a name and espousing empty values won’t only be enough. According to Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trend Index, over 40% of the global workforce are considering leaving their employer this year. Fifty-four percent of employees feel overworked and another 39% are feeling exhausted — burnout is a major problem in organizations that needs to be addressed.

High turnover rates in any organization are often a sign that the hiring process may not have found the right candidate for the job. While new employees can be hired, organizations want to avoid the high costs with a heavy employee churn.

Keeping current employees satisfied, maintaining productivity, and attracting new talent are the prerogative for all organizations in a post-pandemic environment. In order to do this, you need to have a digital platform that can succeed in the human capital management space. And this is where the Chicago-based, human resource management software, Hireology comes in.

As a leading recruiting and employee management platform, Hireology has the right solutions in place to ensure companies have what it takes to recruit top talents and also ensure current employees are well taken care of.

Employee experience

Source: Hireology

Hireology focuses on three main pillars of requirement – attracting, hiring, and managing new employees. The platform allows your hiring team to be able to perform all three actions seamlessly. From using the right  channels to attract potential employees, to the interviewing and screening process of a candidate, to ensuring the smooth transition from hiring data to payroll and benefits.

Attracting the right job seekers

With most companies still practicing hybrid work, the hiring process for new employees can an expensive drain on resources — especially because it’s such a seller’s market at present. Hireology helps HR personnel   across multiple channels. This includes social media and career websites as well as job boards.

Hireology’s platform helps build engaging and attractive career sites that allow you to showcase your open roles, benefits, and company culture, as well as outline career paths at the organization for job seekers. Not only will potential employees be able to know more about their role, but they will also have visibility on how they can grow with the organization in the long run. Its mobile-optimized user interface enhances the entire experience, making it accessible for anyone not sitting in front of their desktop.

Perfecting the hiring process

For HR practitioners, gone are the days where they would need to vet through numerous applications to find the right candidate. Modern organizations prefer using SaaS like Hireology to expedite processes through automated pre-screening surveys that help narrow down qualified applicants, making the recruitment process a whole lot simpler.

Employee experience

Source: Hireology

Hireology’s applicant tracking system not only makes it easier for the hiring team to manage candidates, but it also allows them access interview guides and conduct skills tests. To check the background of your candidates, Hireology speeds up the verification process through automated reference checks which saves time on cold calls and simplifies the hiring process.

Reaching out to candidates to set up interviews can also be sped up through automated texting on the platform instead of emailing them. Simply put, your hiring team will be able to save a lot more time on tiresome tasks and can put their focus where it’s needed most — picking the right candidate for the role, and ensuring they stay there.

A seamless employee management experience

Once the hiring process is complete, the onboarding process is an activity that has to be handled delicately and with a great deal of careful oversight. With Hireology, this can be simplified — instead of manually filling out countless forms, employees can do this digitally with Hireology’s fast and simple-to-use onboarding solution.

Your HR team will also have access to Hireology’s automated payroll solution, where managing payments, tax files, and other critical HR tasks are streamlined, while employee data is harnessed to manage and plan their schedules. Employees have better oversight of their time, and can map out a suitable work-life balance, avoiding burnout or stagnation in productivity.

With the right solution in place, the entire recruitment and retention process can be simplified and perfected. Organizations can be assured of having a reliable workforce while employees will also be able to have the ideal career journey. Hireology automates and simplifies the tedious tasks in recruiting and HR, ensuring your resources are allocated properly to enhance productivity.

To find out how you can enhance your recruitment process and empower human capital management with Hireology, click here.