Leverage AI-guided selling to maximise revenue and renewing business

25 August 2021 | 83 Shares

Creating personalised buyer journeys in B2B environments is a highly challenging undertaking because buying has become a process that has standards set by the consumer-level digital interactions in everyday life.

However, personalisation and tailoring the experience is a great way to interact with an audience. In 2021, the hyper-personalised experience from pre-sales to invoice is not a “nice to have”, it’s a must-have. Potential buyers will dismiss a salesperson in seconds unless they are presented with relevant, focused content.

When selling into smaller organisations, it’s simpler to remain personal and on-message than when conducting business with enterprise-grade customers and prospects. In the largest of businesses, like a Fortune 500 company, there are literally millions of combinations of buyer roles, languages, products, and even industries. There are hundreds and thousands of combinations of a single presentation, even when prospects have been targeted and successfully reached.

Companies that can leverage data- or digital-guided selling can maximise their go-to market effectiveness, especially when the engine behind smart sales is powered by a self-improving AI algorithmic computation operating at the bleeding edge of technology today.

Creating the right personalised experience starts as early as pre-sales and needs to build on the relationships that B2B businesses work to nurture. That hyper-personalised approach is critical to enable the teams to win at every touchpoint and engagement, for example, with just-in-time recommendations for content pieces and/or talk tracks addressing prospective customers at specific buying stages.

The collection of data is key

Teams already deploy solutions that can effectively join point products like CRMs, marketing technology solutions, social messaging engines and internal product databases.

But integrating the data stack is not enough. To meet buyers’ needs, companies need smart solutions that are fully-integrated with existing common core systems, so sellers have a single source of truth of all available information on one screen, and reduce sales individuals’ technology burden and boost their effectiveness.  It is also important meeting employees where they work – for examples, your sellers work predominantly within the CRM system, so you would want to ensure seamless integration of sales enablement features directly within the CRM tool.

Companies are using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to distil large amounts of data from multiple sources to better identify habits and patterns in buyer behaviours, and thus can create new revenue opportunities whilst expanding and maximising on existing accounts.

Getting creative

With smart technology structures in place, teams can start to get creative with their offerings, all the while staying on-brand and on-message even at hyper-personalised levels. From pitch decks to bespoke ROI calculators and projected metrics from ideal use cases, sales staff can pass on their enthusiasm and creativity to potential buyers with identifiable and recognisable examples.

Attracting new customers and re-engaging with existing accounts needs a constant pipeline of engaging and relevant content, drawn from multiple data sources, yet must not compromise relevant and timely information that is quickly surfaced in near-real time.

Only the Seismic digital sales and sales enablement platform gives organisations the capabilities they need to always be on-message with relevant and on-brand messages that actively capture every revenue moment to drive sales.

Seismic helps organisations utilise the resources they already have and lets them present it in impactful and hyper-personalised manner from pre-sales through cross selling opportunities to account renewal points. Properly equipped and enabled sales teams can win new and repeat business — all they need is smarter enablement powered by smart sales technologies to achieve better outcomes.

To learn more about digitally-guided, intelligent selling in the B2B arena, reach out today to a representative from Seismic, or follow this link to read more about intelligent, AI-guided selling.