Bringing out the best in your talented staff, with Paycor

19 April 2021 | 1437 Shares

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If your organization can succeed in engaging employees better, you win in two ways. Firstly, the business’s aims and the people who work in it align much more closely — staff are always working towards the organization’s strategic goals. Secondly, engaged, and well-performing staff do not feel like they must cast around for a new role. The organization is able to develop each individual’s skillset, and loses the tremendous burden of recruiting new staff.

According to the 2019 Gartner Performance Management Benchmarking Survey, 82% of HR managers reported that they felt their performance management capabilities were lacking, and a more significant percentage acknowledged their procedures needed addressing for improvements.

Performance monitoring and feedback represent one of the critical touchpoints between staff and management — one that can be advantageous for both parties to promote just the type of engagements that they desire and require.

For staff, managers, supervisors, and HR professionals, typical talent development processes, like employee reviews, are an annual affair that often blindside all parties.

The critical alignment between an organization and its people’s objectives is possible and it does both parties well to improve the overall performance development process for both parties. Yet performance management still lacking in many of today’s organizations, despite all parties acknowledging the value of ongoing employee engagement.

Now, there are several reasons for this: For one, many businesses, pulling together the necessary resources for talent reviews (or feedback at any level) is time-consuming, comprises a lot of manual work and must be done individually. Perhaps that’s why the standard review process in most organizations tends only to be done annually.

If HR Managers can stop regarding the event as a chore, rather as a fertile opportunity, the business and its people will start to feel the difference. Every one-to-one interaction between managers and their staff can be an opportunity for improvement — on both sides. Even a quick ten-minute session can yield dividends, if that session is one of a more regular series, and better yet, if it’s part of an ongoing conversation, either real or virtual.

As you might expect on the pages of a technology website, it’s often the software platform behind one-to-ones that can be the pivot around which best practice can turn — this case is no different. HR professionals are long-accustomed to using specialist systems to remove much of the manual, repetitive parts of their job. Onboarding and recruitment, for example, benefit from automation to get new employees up to speed as quickly as possible.

Our featured solution from Paycor helps HR staff automate and emplace thoroughly professional and effective performance reviews and other touchpoints, pulling together relevant information from managers, the employee, peers, and supervisors, so there is no discrepancy or cause for argument during any review process.

What makes the Paycor solution pretty much unique in this space is that it facilitates positive conversational flows between the employee, and their line manager or supervisor.

Conversations are therefore based on empirical facts and they are supported by rich data, giving both manager and the employee plenty of information to analyze, discuss, and address, if necessary. The opportunity for both parties is to improve alignment across the board between the business’s strategic direction and the personal goals of the employee. Without the constructive two-way feedback that technology platforms offer, such exchange of ideas is nearly impossible.

In our last article on Tech HQ we looked at the modular offerings that make up the Paycor HR platform. It’s worth noting that the area of the solution dealing with performance management is not an isolated piece of software. Like all the Paycor platform’s areas, it works alongside other parts of the HR function to produce a fully joined-up HR suite.

Of specific interest in this area will be the platform’s learning management and employee compensation modules. Together with talent development, it will create an ecosystem that transforms the way organization delivers employee engagement.

Employees and managers find that the agreed goals after performance reviews are better achieved by the employee if the way forward is clearly laid out in terms of how to achieve them. That’s also beneficial for the business, too, as reviews are the start of what becomes an ongoing series of opportunities for both parties. For the manager, the Paycor solution helps prevent skilled talent leaving the company, and identifies skill gaps in the business. Paycor solutions provide employee experiences that are proven to encourage engagement, thanks to these communication opportunities.

There are also touchpoints that can be used throughout the working day too. Employers can supply feedback, learning materials, gamify internal rankings & performance, create social interactions, and more.

Linking performance, learning, and compensation makes perfect sense for the business, with strategically aligned, productive staff right across the enterprise. And the plus-side for HR professionals is that all this can be achieved without extra manual workloads that might consume valuable resources.

The platform’s discrete parts are ready to get up and running as and when you need them, and the Paycor Cor offering is a foundation stone for building a genuinely digitally powered HR function for the modern business. When employee engagement, learning, and performance management come together, the organization’s people become unstoppable. To learn more about Paycor, get in touch with an HR expert who speaks your language.