Cyberthreats and threat intelligence: the Tech HQ/Cyberint survey

24 March 2021 | 1405 Shares

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Retaining a proactive stance against cyber threats is an intrinsic part of protecting your organization’s intellectual property, assets, and data privacy. As in every field, knowledge is power, and gathering threat intelligence is critical for cybersecurity professionals.

Even basic cyber threat intelligence can make the difference between protecting the enterprise and catastrophic data loss.

Yet lack of cybersecurity skills in the workforce and tightening budgets mean that cybersecurity teams are often under-resourced and under pressure.

Many companies and businesses across the world are discovering that getting the necessary resources for threat intelligence gathering prioritized by decision-makers is a tough call.

To determine the current state of attitudes to and activities around cyber threat intelligence, we invite you to complete the following survey. The results will be collated and published in a few weeks and will form the basis of a research paper on the prevalent mood and opinions around cyber threat intelligence.

Please take the time to fill out the questions below to the best of your abilities. There are eleven questions, and we estimate the necessary time required at around 5 minutes.

The publication of this survey’s results will form a valuable resource to help cybersecurity teams make their case heard more clearly in board rooms worldwide.

Please feel free to add comments for each question explaining or describing further. All your responses will be read and collated, and the survey is entirely anonymous (although you may leave your details at the end if you wish).