Make HR Data Integration the First Step in a Highly Effective Onboarding Strategy

Written by Joe Green (Tech HQ Author) and Greg Belkin (Director of Product Marketing at Jitterbit)
15 March 2021 | 3098 Shares

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When a new employee joins an organization, they start with one key goal in mind: be productive and effective as soon as possible.

This goal is a hallmark of an employee determined to be successful. However, this goal also puts pressure on Human Resource managers to quickly and effectively optimize the onboarding experience. They know that new employees immediately judge an organization’s communication style, benefit opt-in processes, and speed of access to critical systems and documents as a key predictor of their own ability to be successful. HR managers must therefore offer a consumer-grade onboarding experience.

One method of offering this type of experience is to link key HR systems together for taking fast and accurate actions. Unfortunately, most HR data is stored in multiple systems of record. As a result, it becomes very difficult for HR managers to make good decisions in a short timeline. For example, when candidate data is not properly connected to payroll, expense, and asset management systems during the onboarding process, it can damage productivity and hurt morale.

These challenges are why many HR managers are turning to low-code development platforms to speed up the interchange of information between discrete systems, using automation to remove much of the hard, manual labor that’s the bane of many human resource divisions.

In a previous article, we looked at the Jitterbit Harmony API Integration platform and how it enables API360 via integration and automation. This platform’s capabilities also prove similarly valuable to HR managers and the IT teams who support them. Capable HR professionals can quickly develop powerful automations and processes within their organization that cut valuable wasted resources. The most common of these resources is time, which is freed up so qualified HR staff can focus on what really matters in their daily activities.

As a 5x leader in Gartner’s magic quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service, Jitterbit has the technical capability to join complex systems ranging from HRM, ERP, CRM and more with specialized employee reward or wellness applications running on-premises or in the cloud.

The Jitterbit difference is that the integration capabilities are made available to end-users in the business — the people who know their role well yet would hugely benefit from integrating the systems they use and automating their tasks. Jitterbit makes this happen by providing powerful integration capabilities that enable users to design their workflows or use out-of-thebox integration capabilities to quickly automate their business processes. The end result for the company is happy and productive employees, HR departments that are able to get 360-degree view of the employee data — such as training, learning, peer-engagement, and information-based reviews and appraisals — all of which enable a great employee experience.

The Jitterbit Employee Experience API360 solution enables companies’ HR departments with powerful capabilities to create and maintain a competitive advantage for the organization. HR departments can seamlessly connect systems that manage payroll, budgets, reward programs, job boards, e-learning, onboarding systems, and other applications to present employees and contractors with personalized experiences.

Furthermore, HR professionals will be able to engage with remote staff more efficiently, helping and supporting what, for many, might otherwise be a challenging working environment. Jitterbit empowers teams with the tools they need to re-engage with remote workforces creatively, using the pooled resources from across the enterprise to better support and engage distributed workforces.

To learn more about how Jitterbit helps organizations automate and integrate applications, data silos, and distributed systems, get in touch with Jitterbit. The latest publication from the company, Employee Experience API360, explores many of the issues faced by organizations that seek to create applications with a practical business focus from amongst their existing point products. It comes recommended, as does the accompanying webinar. Get both right here.