LenovoPRO for businesses that aren’t IT PROs

4 March 2021 | 971 Shares

Source: Tech HQ

When businesses start out, the technology that gets things going is often basic, to say the least. PCs might have come from the entrepreneurs’ homes or be the result of a quick afternoon at the local computer store.

That’s okay for starters, and as the company grows, buying new hardware and software licenses for apps like Microsoft Windows and Office 365 is done piecemeal. At some point in the growth of the company, things must get more serious: people depend on the business owner to sign the paychecks and meet the demands of their increasing customer base.

Paying retail for new technology might have been fine initially, but there are solution providers out there available for business people that can help lower those compulsory costs and provide class leading end-to-end support; after all, everything runs on technology today.

The problem here is that most businesses don’t want to risk their future on an unknown solution provider. However, many business owners have no real idea about what represents good value – either in the ticket price or in the ongoing operational reliability and uptime costs. Who should they trust for their solution design, including the right hardware, software, service, and support to buy? Things only get more complex: some business will probably by now be using their own servers, perhaps running telephony, file-sharing and back up, security systems like CCTV and of course email.

Cybersecurity is one such area that makes headaches, but access to secure hardware like servers running AMD EPYC chips gives extra peace of mind. Businesses are totally reliant on systems running smoothly and without security incident and trusting in a big-name player is the recommended course to take.

To help navigate these issues and more, many business owners make the decision to outsource their IT. However, if the business’s sights are set high, choosing a smaller solution provider may be a short-term arrangement. Here at Tech HQ, we always recommend partnering with trusted household name suppliers, companies that can be with business owners as their companies scale and grow.

As technologists, we are keen to cover the latest and greatest in tech, but sometimes new technology and the need for practical business thinking do coincide, and this has been the case for Lenovo’s offerings for a while now. For example they have helped thousands of small businesses find the right technology solutions to be successful.

In a previous article we looked in some detail about how specific AMD EPYC processors in Lenovo ThinkSystem servers helped lower operating costs and offered real bonuses when it came to Microsoft licensing.

Benefits like those we described are an indication of how Lenovo operates in this space. A case in point is the company’s LenovoPRO program, which is free to join and the benefits scale as your company grows.

LenovoPRO offers enterprise-grade personalized consultation and support tailored for smaller and medium businesses, including exclusive pricing, specific content, account management and resources.

As business IT requirements grow, LenovoPRO can provide financing options for technology solutions including mobile devices, PCs, servers, accessories, software, support and now office equipment. Experts in the daily concerns of smaller businesses are available to answer questions and provide support.

Tiers of growth

From starting out to taking on the hundredth employee, most businesses go through defining moments in their growth – like employing managers to oversee what the business owner cannot, or suddenly needing a VP of Finance & Accounting. While these times can be challenging (though good problems to have!), Lenovo believes technology shouldn’t be one of them.

Upon joining LenovoPRO you will instantly get an additional 5% discount, then as you purchase more you will progress through to the PRO+ and PRO Elite tiers. Best prices are always guaranteed, and the greater the IT needs going forward, the deeper the discounts.

To learn more about Lenovo, its hardware, servers, support plans, and options for the growing business, get in touch today. Combine savings with the reliability of an enterprise vendor with Lenovo.