Security value starts in the boardroom: SecurityScorecard

SecurityScorecard rates and rationalizes the organization’s sweeping cybersecurity landscape, helping execs prioritize where to spend valuable budgets.
18 February 2021 | 2135 Shares

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On a holistic scale, the specter of cybersecurity risk hangs over basically any organization, irrespective of geographic region or industry. These days, cyber threats are indiscriminate, not just the purview of the CISO or IT department.

Today, adequate cyber hygiene and awareness are the company’s responsibility, as cyber-attacks can originate from a wide swath of sources. Phishing and social engineering attacks can spill into company networks from email chains, bad actors can target vulnerable system endpoints, and there is an influx of newer technologies accelerating the organization’s digitization such as cloud services, 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), and wearables. These present new and unfamiliar threat surfaces that are not guaranteed to be secured, especially as there are new vulnerabilities that have yet to be analyzed and protected against.

The shared company-wide risk vector

With so much cybersecurity exposure, it is more than just the IT team’s role to identify these threats and manage appropriate solutions. Instead, the whole organization has a responsibility towards mitigating the risk and ensuring broad digital compliance is adhered to, and that responsibility starts with the chief executives.

And in a brave new world replete with extensive remote working personnel, operations centers, and critical data, topline management is now aware of the threat posed by having exposed systems on a potentially global scale.

In the aftermath of recent world events, C-level execs are more aware than ever of the potential dangers lurking in the ether, with cyber attackers making use of enforced lockdown times to organize and launch attacks on some preeminent public and private organizations. Not a day goes by that the boardroom does not consider the possibility of a severe data leak or a well-organized ransomware attack affecting critical but exposed points of the business.

The problem keeping executive personnel awake at night is the broad network of interconnected locations, hardware, software, partners, suppliers, and customers that forms a significant digital footprint.

Adequately shoring up protection for the entire chain also means extending security to the network of supply chain partners, vendors, and various third-party service providers that comprise the business value chain. Securing the whole operation becomes necessary when management wishes to know and address the potential vulnerabilities involved. The picture becomes more complicated as the attack surface area will change and evolve over time.

A safety deep dive with SecurityScorecard

The most efficient and cost-effective approach organizations can employ will generally fall back around data, and that’s the efficiency that SecurityScorecard cultivates for the organization. SecurityScorecard provides a quick and accessible range of trackable metrics that give an overview and corresponding security rating.

SecurityScorecard covers a wide expanse of modern enterprise network infrastructure, tailored to shore up a company’s exposure points by supplying a complimentary scorecard that assesses the organization’s vulnerabilities across ten crucial risk categories.

The platform further extends coverage and analysis to third- and fourth-parties that are either directly connected or linked via APIs, to give a comprehensive picture of potential weaknesses and rates them accordingly. For the CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs making the critical calls, SecurityScorecard provides a quick-study executive summary that highlights what decision-makers need to know to solidify their network protection. At the same time, there is still time to make informed decisions.

Its quantitative findings are measurable and actionable, complemented by telemetry, threat intelligence, and collaboration tools to actively identify vulnerabilities, expedite remedial solutions, and continuously monitor the ecosystem all-round.

To see the full capabilities of SecurityScorecard for enterprises of various sizes and requirements, get in touch with a local representative to see how your security infrastructure could be rated better.