Full-stack monitoring driving lower costs and better customer experience: eG

19 October 2020 | 3639 Shares

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When your organization’s app or website is reporting poor user experience metrics, what do you do? The answer will depend on your role in the enterprise and will vary widely: picking up the phone; firing up a terminal to launch a CLI utility or two; combing through a database of collected log files.

Getting to the root cause of poor user experience is a complex affair and one that’s rarely easily achieved. The effort expended in war rooms is significant, and issues like blame-gaming and lack of complete oversight make root cause analysis next to impossible.

Until the emergence of the eG Innovations’ unified APM (application performance monitoring) platform, eG Enterprise, organizations had to piece together why end-users were suffering. Lack of complete, detailed data meant that there had to be a degree of guesswork, and even when the cause of any issue became clear, there was no single source of truth that objectively supplied answers.

Most application performance monitoring solutions fall short of complete, detailed oversight. Some work very effectively when examining the performance of off-the-shelf applications, like the big CRM solutions or the better-known database platforms. Some work only on internal data center operations and may not be particularly helpful when looking at remote cloud services. Containerized apps throw some monitors into a spin, and any solution looking at application performance will likely disregard network factors.

The unified eG Enterprise platform covers the extended network infrastructure, and the applications and services that run anywhere. Its combined agent-based and agentless approach means it is capable of tracking just about every flavor of enterprise technology. For example, the new eG Enterprise v7 can track both the performance of container-based environments and an SAP Fiori instance, plus all the network devices (real or simulated) between the two.

For the line-of-business owner, this means that poorly performing applications or services can be quickly identified, whether they affect customers or internal users. From a single dashboard, the data can be drilled down, showing, for instance, why service X performs well, but peripheral service Y seems to be tripping over.

With the root cause identified, measures can be put into place as required — a bug-fix ticket to DevOps or larger-scale remediation. eG Enterprise covers cloud services, on-premise applications, network infrastructure, customized Java code, .NET, PHP or Node.js, enterprise applications like Salesforce, and thin-client provisions from Citrix and VMware Horizon.

The list of supported technologies is too extensive to list, but needless to say, the platform’s power is such that regardless of cause, poor customer and end-user experiences can be addressed effectively. The result is potentially millions of dollars in savings from preventing simple issues that cause poor user experience.

Testing that delivers

As end-users, website visitors, and customers interact with apps and services, the eG Enterprise platform gathers performance metrics at every step. Granular performance metrics show real-time performance of every element of an application. And, in addition to real-user monitoring, the platform is capable of in-depth synthetic monitoring — for example, a customer-facing website or internal system. In combination, those capabilities provide foresight to help plan capacity, budgets, and any needed changes to infrastructure.

Even internal users of thin clients over Citrix can be emulated, so DaaS (desktop as a service) provisions never stumble — with the obvious ramifications on internal productivity: efficient, productive staff benefit the enterprise, but it’s the customers who are the real winners.

The eG Enterprise platform provides a full breakdown of how services and applications are performing and how they will respond in different circumstances. It works across web apps (even single-page apps), enterprise ERPs, microservice-based instances, each element of the topology (compute, storage, network), databases in AWS & similar, and even custom applications written in .NET, Java or PHP.

In an age when the competition is only a click or screen tap away and customers’ experiences define success, the eG Innovations product is the solution that can save potentially millions of dollars in lost revenues, i.e. monies lost as the result of poor customer experiences. Furthermore, the company’s offerings ensure a faster, proactive response posture, putting service availability at the core of any enterprise. Learn more about this customer-centric solution that’s used every day by class-leading enterprises worldwide and get a free trial today.