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4 September 2020 | 3271 Shares

User experience on your app or website can make or break its success. If service is slow or unresponsive, you can expect to lose existing customers and not convert any new ones On the other hand, good experience drives repeat business and new customers.

The root-cause of poor customer experience can’t always be easily discovered, especially in an enterprise with a multi-faceted topology with multiple servers, systems, networks, etc. There are often hundreds of different components to monitor, such as webservers, API gateways, third-party validation or e-Commerce platforms, databases, and filestores. Additionally, there are various stakeholders whose domains may (or may not) be the cause of the poor customer or end-user experience.

With these numerous stakeholders, tools, and components, it becomes a near-impossible task to locate the root-cause of the issue — infrastructure engineers may point at a database, DBAs blame the network, NetOps calls out the developers, who in turn blame the ERP. The time that could be spent identifying and resolving the issue turns into multiple rounds of the blame game across the organization.

With eG Innovations — the first truly converged application and infrastructure monitoring platform — the blame game can finally end and the root-cause can be identified in minutes, not hours. While a one-second delay in a website or app’s response may only cause a 1% drop in sales, at scale that might translate into hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars of lost revenues. That’s not to mention the impact on brand, PR and general reputation.

Complete overview, granular details

Using agentless or agent-based monitoring across the entire IT stack, the eG Enterprise platform gives the enterprise one place to oversee all elements. It quickly and openly determines where a problem lies, and identifies which of the many parts of the provision need attention to rectify any problems.

With its newest release, v7, eG Enterprise users can choose on-premises or SaaS deployment. The first-of-its-kind solution provides complete oversight of on-premises, in-cloud, or multi-cloud applications and services and, of course, every network element (physical or virtualized) that runs the organization. In an era where remote working is the norm, the eG SaaS deployment is essential for distributed workforces.

Application Performance Monitors

Source: eG Innovations

Supporting a remote workforce has placed an unprecedented load on networks and servers. eG Enterprise v7 offers synthetic user testing for web apps and thin clients to ensure excellent end-user experience. The agents can be put to work in the smallest of microservices or in mighty Postgres databases hosted in the most expensive AWS tiers. With ‘live’ synthetic testing running alongside real live users’ activity tracked in real-time, companies can plan new architecture or deployment models in response to clearly-defined problem areas.

Togetherness means integration

eG Enterprise integrates with off-the-shelf ERP systems and specialist applications, so stalwarts like Salesforce or SAP can be monitored alongside bespoke Java, .NET, PHP, or Node.js-based applications that may be running virtually or across hybrid clouds. Integration capabilities extend to ticketing and messaging platforms, so staff can be alerted to issues as they arise (or might arise) in real-time.

With the eG Enterprise platform (which is licensed per OS), organizations’ customers and employees using virtual desktops, thin client services, and desktop apps, are assured excellent end-user experience. When users are happy, work gets done quicker, profits increase, and organizational efficiency improves.

No business can afford to let an easily-located and remedied problem go unnoticed. The enterprise IT stack may be complex internally, but that complexity should not be felt by the end-user. And with customer and user experience more important than ever, monitoring the entire enterprise from a single console is business critical.

To learn about the new converged application and infrastructure features in eG Enterprise v7, get started with a free trial.

Additionally, watch this space as we take a deeper dive into how improving application performance management can save your brand’s reputation and save you money — all from a unified, single dashboard.