Moving SAP can be the start of digital realignment with SUSE capability

20 May 2020 | 4500 Shares

For SAP users, the coming need to change hosting requirements to Linux is spurring many companies in the APAC region to reconsider their hosting options. They may decide to move from in-house, bare metal self-hosting, to public cloud providers, for example, as part of that migration.

Whether it’s making the leap to cloud-based hosting for SAP or continuing with in-house provisions, the choice of server platform is paramount. While Linux is seen as an agnostic platform (one distribution is largely similar to every other, being based on the same kernel), there are significant differences in the flavor of Linux chosen.

And as business-focused IT professionals know, the computing service provision space is highly competitive. Locating a reliable host and OS that will be optimized for S/4HANA is no simple task, given the choices currently on the market.

Furthermore, finding a provider with the agility and elasticity that’s required by modern business demands in SAP provision is no easy matter. Such a business-critical system, at the heart of many enterprises in the region, needs the capability to quickly scale, without any negative impact on users – and by proxy, affecting the end-users’ experience.

In this area, one company that has a significant degree of experience is SUSE, whose Enterprise Server has had SAP-specific features and extended capability for many years.

With a zero downtime, and agents like SAP HANA Topology and SAP HANA, the optimization tools of choice specific to SAP make the transition to the new Linux-only topology safer, but the end results much faster, too.

The platform, and the company behind it, come well recommended by companies from all over the globe that have made the change.

“In the past it took at least eight hours to run a report, whereas now we get them at the click of a button. This cuts time spent waiting for reports by around 99.99 percent — accelerating planning and decision-making. We have far more control over access levels since moving to the new platform, boosting security. We’ve also seen performance more than double, and we need only three people to maintain the SAP landscape, versus five for the legacy system.” Head of IT, Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation (India). Read the full story here.

Any transformation project with a major or minor SAP component is much simpler when working with SUSE.

The company currently has no fewer than 111 SAP HANA benchmarks for its SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP and has become the go-to provider to offer support and guidance for large migration projects. Those transformative projects have often included the whole IT stack, providing structures that are wholly business-oriented rather than ones that come from a purely technical stance.

SUSE provides business-centric consultation and execution which powers full IT transformation exercises, allowing a safe and impactful transition. And at the end of the day, end-users, customers, and internal stakeholders each reap the benefit both of the SUSE Enterprise Linux power and of the support and guidance on tap during the migration.

Whether it’s the implementation of a software-defined infrastructure, providing faster access to resources, or helping to promote newer DevOps methodologies, SUSE helps deliver new and legacy applications on a better and more agile platform that’s SAP-centric.

Enterprises all over the world are turning to SUSE for its long-term support guarantees, and its reputation as the Linux platform that’s tuned to SAP, and to the business too.

SUSE offers solutions to help transform the data center or migrate to any cloud, and the company provides businesses with the agility, stability, and reduced costs that are fit for 2020 and beyond.

The specific skills on offer from SUSE cover all aspects of digital transformation projects, not least ones which have, at the forefront, the transition of SAP from Windows to Linux.

To learn more about SUSE’s offerings in enterprise Linux, SAP, and broad-reaching digital transformation project oversight, get in touch with a representative who speaks your language today.