The Dell Technologies vision for safety & security: Webinar catch-up

21 April 2020 | 2 Shares

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Presented by Lee Hopkins, BDM for Dell Technologies in the EMEA region, this webinar features Erik Ullstrand (Sales Engineer) and Angelo Conigliello (Field CTO).

During the 50 minute presentation, you’ll learn about Dell Technologies’ camera-to-cloud approach that supports and enables organizations in multiple verticals. From video, safety & security, and edge installations, through digital evidence and forensics, Dell Technologies is helping organizations get to grips with the expected massive rises in data throughputs from increasingly accurate sensors and cameras. As well as the huge ramp-up in amounts of data, there is an increasing emphasis placed by legislators regarding data governance, archiving requirements, personal information storage, and privacy. Addressing these issues, and more requires a partner of Dell Technologies capability and experience in this fast-growing area of IoT.

Integration, Validation, Automation

With scalability, reliability, and data security always in mind, Dell Technologies offers a full-stack approach with massive capability. Learn how the different parts of the required infrastructure can be integrated at scale, from capture, through to hyperconverged infrastructure, providing storage, next-generation virtualized NVR, through analytics on Dell Technologies PowerEdge R740 or NVIDIA GPUs, for example.

The team takes you through the reasons why it’s regarded as best practice to use pre-validated solutions that automate and scale as required, and the best ways to plan for future capabilities in data capture, processing, management and storage (tiers I and II, and cold storage as well).

If you and your organization are reliant on narrowing the gap between “traditional” security systems and the IT function that underpins the business, sign up and get immediate access to the webinar.

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