Data transforming lives in freight, thanks to DAT Freight & Analytics

23 April 2020 | 3373 Shares

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If your freight business is in its infancy, or if you’re an old hand in the industry, the pressures on operators at any level are the same — just more complex the bigger you are. Even the simplest arrangements for a single load can involve dozens of messages flying around: emails, texts, calls, and even when you think business is agreed, there can be last-minute changes someone needs to make that can cause severe headaches.

Those levels of uncertainty impact every person in the business, and each one of the other companies you work with, from the single operator up to the massive freight giants. Planning for the future gets lost in planning today, with the bigger picture lost as everyday concerns take precedent.

The common needs of freight professionals

Whether you run a single truck outfit, are part of a brokerage with a few clients, or a trucking magnate, the uncertainties in this industry are time and resource killers. Changes in pricing, parking, regulatory compliance, economic conditions — these are the everyday realities for all of us. Throw in economic forces, trade policy, tax changes, new transport laws, fuel price fluctuations, even the weather closing in: this is a complex business, and the first thing that goes to the wall is certainty.

But there’s one company that has the technology-based platforms that can bring a good portion of surety and predictability to any freight business. DAT Freight & Analytics has been in the freight business before IT was even a “thing”; since 1978, in fact.

Now its impressive software and massive network of opportunities (loads and truck supply) finding new converts right up and down the range of operators and players in the freight world. From the trucker with a new, standalone business, to the household name multinational, the two-pronged DAT approach is helping companies bring some stability to their organizations right across America.

The two parts of the DAT solution (DAT One and DAT iQ) provide, together, a full end-to-end freight management system that gives control and flexibility back to shippers, brokers, and carriers. That manifests as reliability and effective operations in this highly competitive marketplace. And with the platform’s and network’s capabilities, you’re able to win back comes the ability to plan for tomorrow, next month, and next year. In short, DAT Freight & Analytics gives you room to think, space to expand and a way of using the information at your fingertips to look to the long-term. And, of course, be more profitable, today.


How it all works

If we had to draw a comparison, it would be for freight. Finding the right truck for the right load, on the right network, at the right time; it sounds simple, but everyone reading this knows the devil’s in the details. But with a single source of information, where multiple carriers, shippers and shipments, trucks, specialized trailers, rates, costs, and history all come together, businesses of any scale can pick the best options, and plan appropriately. That means hard work begins to pay off, rather than you working harder and harder for lower returns, and struggling with greater overheads.

Decisions become simpler because the information that’s pulled together in DAT One gives a clear line of sight into what’s happening, what’s on the market, what’s available, and where the market is hottest. There’s less time spent searching for the information you need, and no need to string together emails with calls, with callbacks and post-it notes to remind you of crucial facts. It’s all right there on the screen in front of you.

And because you and your company are getting things done better, the DAT iQ system now opens up the value that’s hidden in all the information your company is gathering around the clock (although often, you don’t even know how much data you accrue).

As load boards change and evolve over time, the iQ “brain” behind the scene watches and listens, and helps you plan: this is technology supplying wisdom thanks to software’s skills in chewing through information. You won’t get the type of insights that DAT iQ provides anywhere else, because the company that is DAT Freight & Analytics was born in the industry, and does nothing but create solutions for freight, in any specialism in the industry. Carrier, shipper, or broker, after all, all want the same thing: clarity, confidence, predictability, and an end to stressful levels of uncertainty.

To find out how this business is changing the way the freight industry is doing business across America, get more details about what’s possible from DAT Freight & Analytics itself. The friendly and industry-specialist staff are at the end of the phone line waiting to help you. Or, you can read more about DAT One and DAT iQ from here.