Taking the Contact Center to agents’ homes in less than 48 hours

30 March 2020 | 231 Shares


We often talk about the speed of change in workplace technology, but COVID-19 pandemic has shown that the least-expected events can drive the most profound, and fastest-moving changes.

With entire countries and states effectively under house arrest, customer contact center operators are seeing their staff disperse, and, despite the best intentions and prevailing high standards in customer care and support, many contact functions have suffered.

Unfortunately, it’s the customer, or end-users that stand to lose out — unless things can change as quickly as the change was forced on this entire sector.

There is significant hope on the horizon, however, for embattled customer contact center operators, because after all, the nature of digital information is that it can be physically-agnostic.

In short, as long as the technology that manages data for care centers is right, agents can be situated anywhere there’s a reasonable connection to the internet. If staff have the right tools presented to them in the right way, the sudden transition from centralized to remote working need not make the entire customer contact function grind to a halt.

That’s where the CXone@home solution finds its mark: it’s the ideal way that contact center staff can be given collaborative, omnichannel communications to be able to carry out their roles, even when the spaces between colleagues are hundreds of miles, not a few inches like in the traditional contact center.


For existing CXone customers, the transition to working from home was always a possibility given the right circumstances and policies put in place by their employers. But there’s an answer too, for the call center staff and operators who have never been CXone users: the CXone@home platform is available, free, with no limitations for 45 days, for every agent.

Now the estimated 15 million customer care agents that can no longer attend work in the contact center can continue to provide their users with the levels of attention and care they have always provided. And entire facilities comprising of 100 percent remote workers can be up and running in 48 hours — with a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee, and access to the market-leading feature set that CXone has become renowned for, across the industry.

For newcomers, there’s no commitment and no limits set on the number of agents that can take advantage of this unique offer — NICE (the company behind CXone) is cognizant of the fact that a companies’ customers will be having their own struggles with COVID-19. The main issue is that agents are available to help support end-users as quickly as possible.

As an established platform with thousands of users right across the globe, NICE is confident that agents new to the platform will be up to speed quickly. Still, to be absolutely sure, the CXone@home solution comes with onboarding capabilities built-in, in the form of e-learning packages. That means your company can get back to helping customers and clients in less than 48 hours.

The solution includes ACD/IVR and audio recording so that the correctly-skilled agent will be the first point of contact for each customer’s needs. The CXone@home platform goes well beyond a simple menu-driven choice system, however; it routes inquiries intelligently to virtual “pods” of agents best suited to the task.

And to reiterate, whether you’re an existing CXone user, or have had to leave your call center solution mothballed in darkened offices, the CXone@home solution is free for 45 days without any rolling contract or ongoing obligation, allows unlimited agent seats, and comes with all the scalability and agility that the market-leading platform has always offered.

With CXone@home, you can “stand up” a virtual call or contact center in 48 hours or less. It’s time to get back to your customers: start the home-working revolution here.