Webinar: A true vision for a safer, smarter world, with Dell Technologies

Get the inside line on how to plan & execute your video infrastructure strategy
10 March 2020 | 817 Shares

Dell Technologies

As organizations and businesses evolve digitally, there is an increasing number of sophisticated cameras that ensure safety and security in many environments. From city-wide installations that aid transport and security, to educational campuses, and individual businesses, new edge-based deployments are needed to support digital-first initiatives.

In addition to increasing in number, camera resolutions are improving, fulfilling the need for greater accuracy; required by both humans and by software systems that can draw from digitized information the types of insights that organizations seek.

Visual data is increasingly exhibiting all the hallmarks of enterprise data, therefore: it’s growing in volume exponentially, and needs gathering, storing, processing, managing and protecting at scale.

The challenges facing every organization that uses any type of computer vision technology include governance issues over privacy, stricter requirements for retention times and methods, and each new instance of a camera unfortunately also adds to the potential attack surface for malicious actors.

The Dell Technologies IoT Solution for Safety and Security will address these issues and this webinar shows how it delivers true vision to see visual data from any number of data streams, plan, and act to benefit the safety and security of your organization.

With a fully-hyperconverged infrastructure that’s trusted, verified, automated and scalable, Dell Technologies shows how its storage, servers and virtualization will change the way your organization progresses down its transformative journey to the future.

Only the Dell Technologies IoT Solution for Safety and Security has the true vision for a safer, smarter world: we invite you to be part of it.

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