Logistics & fulfilment specialists apply know-how and technology: PHL

14 January 2020 | 3891 Shares


Here’s a question for business owners or operations managers of retail or wholesale companies: Who would you rather outsource your fulfilment and logistics to?

A: A company of hands-on supply-chain specialists backed by some first-rate software systems that will happily integrate with your existing systems, or…
B: A group of software developers, backed by venture capitalists, selling “solutions” to e-commerce retailers or wholesalers?

Many subcontractors clamoring for retailers’ attention these days fall into category B, that is, companies that started with a very clever piece of code, and decided to bend it to purpose for the fulfilment/warehousing/logistics space.

And while those products have their uses, they are not backed by significant industry experience, so they have yet to solve many of the issues that await them as their experience grows. In brief, the technology’s very intelligent, but any organization outsourcing to such a fulfilment house is helping them learn the trade, and paying for the privilege.

Falling firmly into the first category, however, is Promotional Handling Ltd., a company based in the UK with a global reach in fulfilment, warehousing, logistics and many other associated services (it can handle your customer-care function, for example).

The business is still wholly owned and run by specialists, with over 20 years’ experience in the sector. Its software, like its service offerings, is very malleable — not an all-or-nothing software platform that aims to replace every existing piece of technology in a business.

PHL is aware that companies wishing to scale rapidly are looking for solutions that fit into existing processes and technology systems, ones that have proved themselves over time. It’s a company’s unique way of doing business that is reflected in how PHL operates— each of its many partners is recognized and even celebrated as an individual company, with particular needs, exacting standards and ways of working.

The ethos of each company that uses PHL for warehousing, fulfilment and/or logistics is reflected and magnified by the way PHL works, and the abilities it brings.


Many in the retail or wholesale space are aware of the need for unique and personalized customer experiences, whether that’s at a consumer level, or B2B. The expectations of every technology user, ordering on- or offline are very high — almost definitely too high to satisfy without the technology and know-how that PHL brings to its operations. Personalized service, high-quality customer experiences at every point of contact, omnichannel distribution and returns, smart warehousing— all these new-age requirements are available at the required scale.

In many cases, it’s the necessary speed of service scaling that many retailers struggle with. Demands at peak-times can create massive operational problems if companies attempt to handle fulfilment themselves, and the first element to fall by the wayside is the almost undefinable feel of a quality customer experience.

Unfortunately, what many retailers are finding at present is that their customers’ needs and demands go well beyond older ideas of improving customer satisfaction, like hitting a delivery target, but little else.

As our previous article showed, it’s technology itself that has led to high demand for the difficult-to-achieve, personalized customer experience, as well as the means to provide it. And the technology stack and industry experience available on tap at PHL creates those personalized touchpoints— all without operational hiccoughs.

The technology behind PHL is perfect for multi-channel retailers, selling or distributing from multiple order points— Amazon, eBay, e-commerce, brick-and-mortar shops in any existing or predicted combination. Today’s complexity of trade in B2B or B2C marketplaces means keeping many juggling balls in the air, but that’s the sort of environment that can make operational complexities or problems distract companies’ attention from developing core business.

PHL’s modular software and offerings come into play here, with the company’s Technical Services department to help manage the multi-channel and shipping systems integrations, and ensuring seamless interfaces with existing and stock control platforms. That gives retailers a real-time insight into every aspect of their operations. There’s even integration under the bonnet into courier systems from your established partners, or (if required), any of PHL’s clients can make use of the significant discounts its logistics providers offer.

Don’t consider the technology salespeople’s offerings for their own sake. Instead, look for the industry experience that happens to run new-gen software on your behalf, to your advantage. Don’t consider the technology salespeople’s offerings for their own sake. Instead, look for the industry experience that happens to run new-gen software on your behalf, to your advantage.

To learn more about logistics, warehousing and fulfilment outsourcing, get in touch with an industry expert from Promotional Handling who will speak your language, understand your issues and have a tailored solution ready to begin implementing into your operations. Feel free to also pick up the phone to talk to a real-life human being on +44 (0) 1938 551919.