Global reach, local knowledge, an SD-WAN that prioritizes the business: Expereo

30 January 2020 | 2585 Shares

In today’s connected business world, every service, application, connection, and internet-based transaction is expected to be fast, responsive, and always-on. And without the immense resources that companies like Google throw at their networks, how do businesses ensure that’s the case? Answer, by ensuring there’s little in their network management that’s left to chance.

Any business that operates globally has a network that is subject to a massive number of variables. Remote and branch offices, retail outlets, manufacturers, or IoT deployments: each communicates with every other part of the organization, its main offices, private data centers and, of course, with IaaS and SaaS cloud services from the likes of AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, et al.

As networks grow, so does the need to firefight issues that are causing downtime or, for end-users, poor experiences online. Simultaneously, there will likely be the need for new connections, occasional upgrades, maintaining availability, and so forth.

As a result, managing the network becomes a full-time, fantastically complex, highly skilled undertaking that’s an essential (but expensive) business requirement.

A company that’s showing how to control this complex and dynamic hyperconnected world effectively is Expereo. Having as a top priority the continuous enhancement of each customer’s experience, Expereo provides fit-for-purpose underlay and overlay solutions, including intuitive connectivity and application insights. That’s why Expereo recently announced It’s the first digital platform that pulls into one place, real-time and at a glance, all internet network and application performance for enhanced customer experience.

Beginning before provisioning

The SD-WAN solution that Expereo offers is designed to respond to business demands by optimizing traffic to and from critical applications and cloud services. It creates an intelligent network that is both scalable and flexible to be able to cope with the dynamic bandwidth needs. The latter can be caused at any time, by sudden increases in demand or agile, scaling cloud applications.

Any agile company needs to have resources available for spikes in traffic, and the ability to dynamically reassign resources when they’re not required. In retail, for instance, there are events like Black Friday; but every vertical has its equivalent. For example, financial institutions respond to specific accounting periods, which vary from country to country, as well as from company to company.

Software-defining the network

Whether it’s by pre-defined rules, or event-driven decisions, ensuring network viability is what makes the difference to the end-user in business settings. The network’s performance is often the thing that will make a company think about switching to a different provider: slow internet connections and downtime just aren’t acceptable.

Keeping an optimum, fit-for-purpose underlay and overlay solution makes companies turn to the platform, and its integral SD-WAN component.

As branch offices or outlying installations “wake up” and come online, network loads need constant alteration. But with software-defined networking, the process of bandwidth and speed optimization can be automatic, ensuring that every activity receives the priority it needs.

Traffic to cloud services can be prioritized or restricted according to the connections available. Inter-site communications can be prioritized, personal connections sent at a lower priority. The choice is yours.

Optimizing for hybrid and cloud

Expereo cloud acceleration technology helps companies accelerate network speeds to any cloud, such as Azure or AWS, an on-premise data center or anywhere across and beyond WAN. That makes applications perform better and with higher availability metrics. Using real-time network discovery, the Expereo platform proactively discovers the fastest route to any host and chooses it accordingly.

By changing routing information seamlessly on a per-second basis, the best speeds available are guaranteed, from any point to any host. For the end-user, that means a faster, more responsive and better-performing application, providing the best possible customer experience.



The nuts and bolts arrive

As a global player, Expereo helps companies source and deploy connectivity solutions just about anywhere, too. It works with a wide network of local partners around the world. Setting up connections from simple broadband to DIA (direct internet access) is easy, and the platform shows the progress of each installation, from order to RFS status (ready-for-service).

Expereo arranges (if necessary) the delivery and installation anywhere in the world of customer premise equipment, and ensures it’s brought online and integrated into the network.

Centralizing into

The fine-tuning and development of any global business’s networks is an ongoing task, one that involves the pulling together of multiple threads: helpdesk tickets, issue fixes, new infrastructure commission, monitoring, traffic optimization, and new service on-boarding.

With the dashboard, however, all of these tasks are brought into one place, where IT staff can see real-time processes taking place, create new orders for upgrade or installations, and bring online new sites. The platform collects and parses all underlay and overlay key metrics, providing insights and analytics via the dashboard that enable businesses to make the right decisions — decisions based on empirical data.

There’s full insight into SD-WAN overlay, internet underlay, cloud application performance, and more. To find out about how Expereo is helping global businesses, and get the latest on the powerful platform, get in touch with an adviser today.