Unifying people, processes and the business’s technology, the Symbox way

28 October 2019 | 4697 Shares

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Every business today comprises of three elements: people, processes and technology.

There are a few examples of successful companies that use no technology whatsoever, but right across the globe, from startups to major government departments and state organizations, technology underpins everyday activities.

Trying to separate out those three elements from one another is pointless, but the interactions between the three need to be better understood to really give companies of any size the edge they need. And that’s where BPM (business process management) has always come in; now, there’s a new angle.

Going beyond the “traditional” BPM solution, the Symbox platform brings in a new approach to the organization’s digital transformation efforts, ensuring that technology, people that use it, and the processes that drive business can work as a coherent whole.

This unique, next-generation platform also comprises three strands: business process management, rapid application development, and process automation. That gives enterprises a new horizon of possibilities for their digital initiatives: suddenly, things work better, more efficiently, and they keep improving in a process of continuous change. So, how does it work?

Conducting the Process Orchestra

In large organizations, there’s usually a dis-join between different processes that guide a piece of work through the business. That’s because processes are never seen end-to-end, and the entire journey is rarely optimized.

The Symbox platform gives that insightful view of the entirety, letting companies connect (via the platform) each department’s or division’s processes with the enterprise’s other parts.

Creating and managing that complex web of interdependence is just the sort of difficult task at which technology excels — if that technology has the Symbox logo.

Source: Symbox – Enterprise BPM & Digital Business Platform

Automation with the pedal to the metal

Linking data silos right across the business is inextricable from linking end-to-end processes — every process depends on technology to a significant degree in today’s world. Applications, digital services, databases, even discrete vaults of Excel sheets can be joined with over 100 connectors available right out of the (Sym)box.

That ready-to-go facility saves hundreds of hours of dedicated developer time, ensuring that enterprise systems talk to each other digitally. Point products can freely exchange data, ensuring maximum efficiency of staff, processes and technology.

For those non-standard applications (legacy bespoke apps, for example), there’s the ability to create your own connections, and it’s simple too.

Citizen developers unite

The Symbox platform provides an incredibly powerful facility to create enterprise-grade applications using a simple, intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Ten years ago, this type of technology simply wasn’t available: app development took months, if not years. But with Symbox, representations of processes, apps, data and systems are all right there on the screen, ready to link and unite.

The ease of use of this no-code development platform underpins the whole platform. Sure, ten years ago, people had different ideas of how to interact with technology: in the vernacular, there was a range of UX expectations. But in today’s interconnected world where everyone uses a smartphone daily, your company already has the people with the skills to create a first generation of citizen developers. All it takes is Symbox showing them how easy it is.

Watch and learn

The entire Symbox platform is built with monitoring, oversight and analytics as part of its DNA. Automated processes moving data across the enterprise can be viewed in real-time, as the end-to-end integrated workplace gathers pace.

The analytics engine can easily identify the points where relations between the three elements of the business break down: where people, processes and technology are not working together to drive best efficiency.

The Symbox solution opens the way for a process of continuous improvement. You’ll be amazed how quickly your organizations can hit the ground running. Instead of months or years of digital transformation exercises addressing change in a piecemeal way, the Symbox platform unifies and automates data, processes and people in the business. To learn more about how a revolutionary solution can change your organization, find out more about this powerful descendant from its pure-play BPM ancestry. Speak to a representative today, or why not request a demo?