Giving shippers a closer view of carrier partners: Freightview — a TMS for 2019

14 October 2019 | 4307 Shares

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Freightview software starts with solving one of the major bugbears suffered by companies that work every day with multiple carriers. Pulling in today’s prices is a pain, so with Freightview, instead of clicking between various websites, updating spreadsheets and battling with rate changes, the technology makes it simple.

Like many apps people & businesses use today, Freightview is cloud-based. That means data is held centrally and securely, so you can work from anywhere, in the office or even from the loading bay. But Freightview is so much more than just a rating tool. Freightview helps to solve many problems shippers experience, and offers streamlined processes that operate in real-time.

From its position in the cloud, the Freightview solution pulls in fresh information from every carrier, 24/7/365. That means the rates you see onscreen are pulled live from your carrier connections. So, if you negotiate a new rate, or others’ rate cards change, the system ‘knows’ and presents only accurate data. That’s because the platform uses API technology to act as a conduit between Freightview and all the different systems your LTL carriers use. That happens seamlessly and safely: there are no manual updates and those links just don’t break.

One interface to rule them all

Typically, in logistics, there’s a great deal of page-hopping, switching from site to site, opening & saving spreadsheets, and generally having to use a mixture of antiquated, complicated processes. That’s a major time drain on your staff, and your costs.

In many businesses, from quoting to booking usually means firing up different software packages on a desktop computer, and then there are Bills of Lading to create — another application. But with the Freightview platform, booking freight movements and even designing bespoke BOLs is all done in one single app. So, staff you might currently have to employ to copy and paste from one application to another can be re-tasked onto work that’s more productive (and less mind-numbing for the employee, too).

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The whole package

The phrase end-to-end is often used to describe software, and sometimes the description isn’t entirely accurate. But users of Freightview find that it’s the one solution they’ve tried that does do it all. The platform pulls together live contract shipping rates, and creates quotes & bookings; even shipping docs are all handled easily in the software.

And because everything is digitized, there’s a huge advantage too for your management team. There’s a wealth of information captured by Freightview, like shipment tracking, financial information (invoice auditing, for example) and cost and price variants.

Armed with this information, the Freightview solution can present the data in ways that are highly specific to logistics companies. That means the information is relevant and insightful, and lets managers see any potential bottlenecks in processes, identify the best carriers and better negotiate better rates, for example.

With shipping, it’s all about ratios of weight and volume against cost, and the smart Freightview algorithms make seeing this type of information numerically and pictorially simple and clear.

LTL and beyond

Sometimes, you need a quote that goes outside the scope of your regular tariffs. Using the same Freightview interface, you can organize and send out requests for quotes to multiple carriers in order to get up-to-the-minute quotes directly from your carrier contacts. With Freightview’s multi-carrier shipping tools, even the out-of-the-ordinary can be taken in your stride.

In today’s software world, various TMSs (transport management systems) are often rehashes of existing platforms, rewritten to match logistics’ needs. But the US-based Freightview has built its platform from the ground up for shippers, and no-other market sector.

The company is so sure that you too will want to get on board that it offers a free, 14-day trial of its software. The customer testimonials on the company’s site, and the legendary levels of support the company provides make it stand out from more complex, more bloated, and less efficient alternatives.

And unlike many business applications, from commission to full roll-out only takes less than 14 days. That means the complexities of integrating with your carriers’ systems is done for you, and you hit the ground running in record time with accurate, up to the minute prices.

To learn more, or start your free trial, we advise you to get in touch with Freightview by clicking here