Flowgear combines iPaaS and RPA to deliver Enterprise Integration and Automation to the SMB Market

8 October 2019 | 3384 Shares

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Flowgear combines iPaaS and RPA to deliver Enterprise Integration and Automation to the SMB Market

Modern Organizations depend heavily on an increasing array of apps, systems and services to operate efficiently and grow their businesses but sharing data between them is one of the biggest challenges facing IT today.

Hand-coded, point-to-point integrations are expensive to implement, non-sustainable and uneconomical to maintain, while the traditional Enterprise Service Bus-approach requires substantial up-front planning and results in an inflexible solution.

Flowgear’s iPaaS platform (Integration Platform as a Service) enables organizations of all sizes to build powerful Application, Data and API integrations whether they’re in the Cloud or on-premise, all from a single interface.

With an impressive international client base in diversified industries, Flowgear is rapidly becoming the iPaaS vendor of choice for smaller enterprises and medium size companies. For the first time, these customers can benefit from the rich feature set of enterprise iPaaS technology combined with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) at an affordable pricing point.

Distinctively in the iPaaS sector, Flowgear provides transparent and easy to understand pricing and service plans, starting from $745/month for 10 Active Workflows (measured as the number of integrations/workflows that are running concurrently at any one time). There are no limits on the number or type of connectors used, tasks, throughput or workflows created. There are also no hidden processing fees or license cost hikes waiting down the line.

Flowgear’s scalable subscription models empowers businesses to rapidly implement powerful integration solutions without the need for substantial upfront planning or capital-intensive infrastructure.

Using Flowgear’s platform, developers and non-technical users can easily create, edit and manage enterprise-grade integrations for your business, your customers and your suppliers — in minutes not months.

With a comprehensive library of over 200 pre-built Connectors and workflow templates, Flowgear operates at an unprecedented cadence integrating and automating time-consuming, repetitive processes to increase productivity and profitability.

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The no code, centralized management Console lets citizen developers create complex workflows on demand, with a unique workflow visualization UI. With Flowgear’s proprietary DropPoint technology, access to on-premise apps is instant and secure. Development of new workflows and integrations can be tested in real-time, as design and execution happen from the same interface. Workflows, DropPoints endpoint Connections are each represented in clear, easy to understand rich interface, and any Workflow can be set to run on-demand, on a trigger or via API. For more complex Workflows, you can add branching, conditional evaluations, and error handling right from the Console.

Out the box, the platform also includes QuickMap, Flowgear’s powerful proprietary visual data mapper. QuickMap allows rich remodeling of hierarchical data with realtime previews, filtering, aggregation and a library of Excel-like functions for data manipulation with virtually no learning curve.

Creating virtual data flows between apps right across the enterprise is easy, and with unlimited connectors and workflows, your business can begin redeploying resources away from repetitive tasks, with immediate returns on OPEX. And because even complex data transactions are carried out without errors, your business benefits from accurate information and more insightful reports.

Furthermore, development teams or contractors can be re-tasked away from hand coding point solutions that parse API data between business-critical apps. The heavy lifting is done by Flowgear, leaving you to concentrate on key services and platforms that increase customer satisfaction. And as the business changes and strategic emphasis shifts, the Flowgear platform can react, with agile redeployments and new Workflows as required.

Backed by comprehensive SLAs and secured on the world-class Azure Cloud (USA, Europe & Africa), the Flowgear platform is resilient and enterprise-grade, making your IT stack a driver of change, not a consumer of resources.

Flowgear also offers a free proof of concept when you register for a free trial: tell the company how you might like to use the platform, and Flowgear will build a working, practical demonstration so you see “real-life” results. Register for a FREE TRIAL.