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Edge and IoT Solutions: Building the digital city of the future

11 October 2019 | 2691 Shares

Source: Dell Technologies Edge and IoT Solutions

Since the first industrial revolution around 250 years ago, people have been driven to cities. It’s estimated that by 2050, the world’s largest 200 cities will be home to nearly 1.7 billion people and that three of every four people in the world will live in cities; that’s equal to 7.5 billion people. In the 21st century, cities are becoming digital organisms, both because of the data-connected people in them, and also because of the modern technology being installed into the fabric of the places we choose to live.

The technology trends emerging today demonstrate that cities of the future will be powered by data, with that wealth of data coming from public bodies like city authorities, from private organizations committed to digital city projects using open data initiatives, and primarily, from the people who live, work, and play in these new hubs.

The explosion of data collected from interconnected Edge and IoT systems in urban areas has just begun. Already sensors, and the data collected from them, improve traffic flow and public transport availability, smart utility grids are reducing environmental impact, and computer vision technologies are reducing crime, protecting citizens and physical assets.

The technology of the interconnected environment is beginning to show us the depth of its possibilities. According to the Urban Institute of Research, emergency services can reach their destinations up to 30 percent more quickly once the dispatching technology is synchronized with local traffic control measures, like traffic lights. Similar to oil, data is being refined to make even better use of information, create insights and more: better air quality, lowering disease levels, and faster commutes allowing workers to reach their desks significantly less stressed.

Using the latest in Edge and IoT solutions, Dell Technologies is empowering citizens and authorities so that the rich seams of data can be used and shared for a better environment for all. The company is central in several emerging and evolving projects across the world, providing a framework that offers cities an open, data-rich resource with Edge and IoT solutions that help create people-centric safe and smart cities.

The company produced a detailed infographic to display the potential, the capabilities and the evolving realities of smart, interconnected cities.

Because cities are the workplaces, homes, playgrounds, and living spaces for billions of people, guaranteeing that technology enables a safe and sustainable people-first environment must be the foundational motivation behind every smart city initiative. Being mindful of the data security and privacy concerns of citizens is a fundamental measure in how we want our cities to evolve.

Understanding and adopting open standards like those provided by the Dell Technologies IoT Solution for Safety and Security must be the foundation for every project. Already, computer vision systems are reducing crime, detecting anomalies, recognizing threats, and improving public safety & security. But clearly there is public concern about how information is used, and we must address these concerns. That said, 157 million cameras shipped in 2018 as city officials and organizations have recognized that computer vision is delivering documented results in many different use-cases.

That is just one example of how populations are gradually determining where the dividing lines are between privacy and efficiency, and the distinction needs to be made on trusted data. Here Dell Technologies Edge and IoT solutions provide the open and extensible frameworks on which smart, interconnected cities can be created.

Dell Technologies Edge and IoT – Digital Cities Video

Dell Technologies Edge and IoT solutions are already helping large urban projects across the globe to take shape, and as the numbers of infrastructures in cities increases, maintaining secure, reliable and people-centric solutions is a movement in which Dell Technologies Edge and IoT has significant experience. Demonstrating the value of Edge, IoT and computer vision, the city of Las Vegas implemented situational awareness solutions to improve response times and accuracy.

Operational technologies from instrumented city features like electricity substations will join new generations of Edge and IoT devices that capture images or control autonomous transport. It’s Dell Technologies’ background in combining, testing and validating hardware and software to meet the demands of IT and OT (operational technology) that will ensure the company delivers solutions that enable cities to become more intelligent and better connected. For the cities of today, and of the cities to come, to be digital organisms powered by data, they will need, open, safe, and reliable technology. Learn more about how Dell Technologies Edge and IoT Solutions are helping prepare our cities for a digital future. Use this form to reach the company’s experienced Edge and IoT consultants who can provide practical advice on your needs and the possibilities available to help you trial a solution, and scale up your computer vision project.