How Dell Technologies delivers computer vision to help build a safer world

29 August 2019 | 11900 Shares

Dell Technologies – Computer Vision

Safety doesn’t happen by accident. It’s something businesses, and governments need to plan for and invest in.

Fortunately, in the digital world we live in, creating a safe and secure environment is comparatively easier and stronger with cutting-edge technologies such as computer vision, edge computing, and the internet of things (IoT).

More specifically, modern technology enables organizations to use higher resolution video cameras to capture high-quality footage and use machine intelligence, data analytics, and computer vision to identify threats and anomalies automatically, in real-time.

Additionally, the ability to automate means fewer security professionals are needed, making such solutions more cost-effective to deploy, operate, and maintain.

That said, as the size of the space that organizations want to protect increases, the technology required becomes more sophisticated — and technology specialists such as Dell Technologies, who launched its Dell Technologies IoT Solution | Safety and Security last year, for example, has the experience and expertise to share.

Dell Technologies has already established a footprint in more than 20 leading industries and operates in 65 countries.

Across the world, its security solutions are helping stadiums, airports, hospitals, businesses, city councils, police departments and others create better and safer public and private spaces.

The company is a leading player in the digital security market and specializes in building video security solutions that are not only robust and secure but also open and scalable.

What’s exciting about Dell Technologies is that it caters to all organizations and combines hardware, such as sensors and wired/wireless IP cameras, and software, such as computer vision-powered analytics platforms, to not only help security teams identify and neutralize threats or detect anomalies, but also provide managers with data about their systems.

When the product was initially launched, Dell Technologies Global Channel, OEM and Edge/IoT Solutions President Joyce Mullen said, “Dell Technologies provides a scalable, secure, manageable and open infrastructure – spanning edge to cloud – so customers and partners can realize value today as they build a foundation to support these workloads and case studies in the future.”

Scalable security, from camera to cloud

While Dell Technologies works with organizations that manage large, often crowded spaces such as stadiums and airports, and has deployments overseeing thousands of cameras, the company can also support smaller implementations— the emphasis really is on helping build security solutions that are scalable.

Healthcare companies, for example, may choose to trial the solution in one part of the facility with a few hundred cameras. As they learn more about the benefits of the solution and see the return on their investments, with intelligent analytics on smart dashboards, management can scale-up the solution quite effortlessly.

What’s important to note about Dell Technologies IoT Solution | Safety and Security — which sets the company apart from others in the market — is that it doesn’t offer standalone software or hardware. It’s a specialist organization providing a reliable package that bundles software and hardware together.

Further, while there’s a strong emphasis on video, the system can make use of other types of data, including audio and barometric pressure.

Overall, Dell Technologies Safety and Security provides hyper-converged solutions that are purpose-built for demanding multi-sensing, helping support a variety of use cases.

Although the brand’s credibility attracts many customers, the fact that Dell Technologies offers pre-integrated, lab-validated solutions is what helps earn the trust of companies looking for a strong partner in the world of digital security and safety.

Intelligent security is future-ready

Dell Technologies IoT Solution | Safety and Security is a software-defined infrastructure system with tight integration to existing resources that improve system performance and lower total cost of ownership. The solution combines hardware and software that’s specifically optimized for computer vision, and comes with the management & orchestration tools that meet the needs of both IT and OT (operational technology) users.

The pre-integration and lab testing that the company carries out using customer data, help to further optimize deployments by reducing deployment risk, increasing system reliability, reducing support costs, and gaining a proven, repeatable architecture.

Munich Airport, for example, partnered with Dell Technologies to secure its facilities. Initially, the solution was built around a single centralized and virtual data archiving system and made use of behavioral analytics to identify risks and augment the capability of security personnel guarding the airport.

Over time, as the airport learned of the benefits of the system, it expanded its investment and purchased additional components such as software to identify fence-line intrusion and differentiate between humans and animals around the airport’s security fencing.

Overall, irrespective of industry, size of the business, or size of the project, the infrastructure and support that Dell Technologies provides to customers allows businesses to reach time-to-value faster and ensures that deployments are not only fit for purpose but also fit for the future.

Organizations exploring security solutions that leverage state-of-the-art computer vision and hyper-converged infrastructure should contact Dell Technologies Edge/IoT today and visit and and download the brochure to learn more.

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