Understand customers, while engaging employees? NICE work if you can get it

13 May 2019 | 28 Shares

A ‘customer-first, employee engager?’. Source: NICE inContact CXone

Here’s a very simple-seeming customer quote, from a user of the NICE inContact CXone customer experience platform:

“Our reps can now recognize when a client has called in multiple times and can focus all their attention on the resolution,” said Lauren Gill, Supervisor Client Experience, at NextGear Capital.

If we can dissect precisely what was said, and the facts behind each element, we can draw out what benefits that particular customer gained from using the cloud-based suite, and also, what methods the software used.

The quote points out the first advantage that your organization can get from the NICE inContact CXone platform; that of informing the agent just who is contacting, regardless of which channel is their particular preference at that particular time: call, email, or DM and so forth. In short, any member of staff on the (real or virtual) line knows who they are before picking up the handset, or starting any message as a response.

The technology behind that achievement alone is impressive. There must be a joining up of the various data silos in the business to pull in all the person’s details: from the CRM database, the company records containing social media handles, email address books, details of the company they might work for, and so forth.

Regardless of how the returning customer contacts your company, with CXone, the operator always recognizes them.

The platform gives the customer care professional history of previous interactions – in as much or as little detail as befits the operator. And the nature of the history is multi-faceted; it may be social media posts @mentioning your company or partner or using a hashtag you’re tracking, or it could also contain transcriptions of emails, or notes made by previous operators: all at hand, at once, ready to go. The NICE InContact CXone platform is a complete customer experience application management system, with an open API that allows integration with over 200 applications. With NICE, it’s all under one roof – or more accurately, all in a single pane of glass.

And while the technology under the surface is highly intelligent and very much cutting edge, there are two additional, significant take-homes from the NICE inContact CXone platform. Firstly, the customer will be routed to an operator that has the specific skills, or attitude, or ability, that suits that particular customer. If the caller is the representative from a high-value customer, he or she may be routed to a dedicated Accounts Management team. If the customer prefers to speak Spanish or Polish, the software will locate an appropriate linguist. (Or perhaps the customer is best routed to an operator with infinite patience and a proven, calming manner!)

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That gives the best care on offer to your customer, in a hyper-personalized, individualized context: timely, appropriate, and intelligently (yet automatically) chosen.

Customer satisfaction is what it’s all about in today’s highly competitive marketplace, but keeping those satisfaction levels high, and creeping up too, requires an engaged workforce. The second positive effect is on the customer care workforce that works in your organization. Skilled operators with advanced training courses and years of experience under their belts (and remuneration packages to match) are deployed to the best of their abilities. Answering simple account queries is a great way for newbies to learn the business, but for the seasoned pro, they’re an annoying distraction and one that can lead to the senior operator feeling like they’re undervalued.

But of course, even for the raw recruit, there’s a thin line between learning by repetition and drudgery. Thankfully, the inContact CXone platform uses RPA (robotic process automation) to remove much manual work, like copying & pasting information mid-call or post-call, from different systems, updating databases and going through set processes.

The RPA routines of the platform automate much of this type of labor for staff, with even activities on an individual desktop potentially monitored for patterns and aided by bots.

All of these features of the inConnect CXone platform, so neatly encapsulated by a single straightforward quote, have the power of a self-teaching, cognitive brain behind them. Artificial intelligence routines help the business’s processes & staff along the way: learning about customer preferences, staff aptitudes, procedures & processes, and continuously streamlining and automating.

In a competitive marketplace, it pays to look for the differentiating factor. The NICE InContact CXone platform doesn’t just assimilate your CX function as is; rather, it extends the boundaries of the possibilities of customer care, because it’s a deeply innovative product, bringing new capabilities to the table.

The NICE inContact CXone customer experience enterprise-level platform is entirely cloud-based with a 99.9+ percent uptime record, so is massively scalable according to ongoing needs as they grow, or deployable to cover seasonal spikes in demand without any additional CAPEX that would go underutilized during quieter periods.

CXone helps enterprises better engage their employees with gamified working experience, all on a single, unified platform that’s a joy to use. Simultaneously providing personalized customer omnichannel interactions, CXone drives up customer satisfaction rates, and so a circle of improvement is formed, leading to referrals, sales, and increased revenues. Along the way, the enterprise will also improve its processes, and that further drives customer satisfaction metrics and Net Promoter Scores.

Massively secure, scalable and with a 360-degree positive impact, at TechHQ we predict that soon, your simple yet weighty quotes will add to the positive clamor that surrounds the NICE inContact CXone solution. Begin the journey to that goal by visiting this page, where you can organize a demo, or download more information.