Modern Application Delivery Platforms for Today’s cloud-native Applications

10 May 2019 | 3502 Shares

Source: SUSE

With automated delivery of containerized and microservice-based cloud-native applications, development teams are slashing application delivery time scales. By coupling cloud-native application architectures and agile CI/CD methods, teams can respond to the more flexible approach businesses are taking to their strategy.

Today, more production applications are running in containers, enabling a smoother transition between development, testing, and production environments. Increasingly, enterprises are leveraging container management platforms, especially Kubernetes, to automate lifecycle management of containerized applications. And leading enterprises are going further still, embracing new microservice-based architectures and integrating DevOps functions to deliver cloud-native applications with the speed and agility demanded by today’s digital economy.

Spinning up new apps based on existing microservices or simple variations significantly lowers overheads, and cloud-native methodologies reflect more agile attitudes prevalent in business. Modernizing existing apps makes sense too, to gain cloud-native benefits of code re-use, and application flexibility. The advantages and potential are attractive, however success calls for a new kind of application platform, based on Kubernetes, to provide the necessary automation that underpins cloud-native application delivery.

Do-It-Yourself implementations can be costly – internal teams must assemble, provide, and maintain a complete, working, Kubernetes-based application delivery platform. Fortunately, there is an excellent readymade alternative that removes much of the heavy lifting for application development and IT ops personnel. Open source and extensible as you’d expect, SUSE Application Delivery Solutions enable you transition from “traditional” application delivery methods to a more agile, cloud-native approach that is in tune with modern application requirements.

SUSE CaaS Platform makes it easy for your IT ops teams to quickly provide a robust container management platform without the pain typically associated with Kubernetes operations. There is no need to manually configure each node; instead, you can roll out a mass deployment in minutes, in an automated way, with minimal interaction. Day two operations are simplified as well, with cluster monitoring, scaling, availability and security management, and ongoing platform maintenance. You can rely on the SUSE CaaS Platform to run container-based apps in a rock-solid, scalable manner.

With SUSE Cloud Application Platform, new services and applications can be brought online much more quickly and seamlessly from the development and testing phases. Included tooling allows developers to use the frameworks and languages that best suit each application, and automated workflows bind required services and deploy the application in containers. From there, the app is automatically (or manually) scaled, according to the demand placed on it.

As you might expect from SUSE, the platform is 100 percent open source, protecting your investment in staff and training and keeping risk levels low. As a platform it’s very lightweight and runs in containers, scales easily, is quick to start up, and occupies only a small portion of the memory needed by some of its competitors. An enterprise-grade platform, it’s self-healing, monitors its charges constantly and restarts failed containers to ensure high availability for critical components.

By leveraging powerful platforms like Cloud Foundry & Kubernetes and taking a cloud-native approach to application design, development, and delivery, release cycle times shrink as capabilities grow.

The complete lifecycle management available with SUSE means your container-based applications are fast and easy to deploy, operate, maintain and scale. To learn how SUSE CaaS Platform and SUSE Cloud Application Platform can change the way the development function thinks and works, request a call with a SUSE representative local to you, today, or locate an authorized SUSE partner.