Why putting your customers first with Teamleader makes great business sense

9 April 2019 | 7986 Shares

Source: Teamleader

ANALYSTS are talking about artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) but the more practical reality is that small and mid-sized businesses are still evaluating the best customer relationship management (CRM) solution to help them digitize and optimize their business.

Businesses that succeed find that once a CRM has been put in place, the organization is able to really capture data and harness it, to not only get more visibility into their operations, but also to help make better decisions that affect the future.

Small and mid-sized organizations, the backbone of European economy, are constantly pushing the limits of productivity and efficiency, often with limited resources; that’s why having a reliable CRM in place is important. CRMs act as a hub for all your business activities, ensuring tasks flow seamlessly between departments and clients are provided with a great service, quite irrespective of whoever responds to a DM, picks up the phone or crafts an email shout-out.

It’s why the demand for CRMs is still strong — and constantly growing — especially for cloud-based SaaS offerings. The scalability and low & predictable costs of cloud services means that there’s little or no risk involved in testing the water with new systems. The most notable player we’ve seen in recent months has been Teamleader CRM, one of the smartest solution providers in the market. It caters primarily to the needs of small to mid-sized businesses, has been growing quickly and offers an intelligent choice of modules, based on its practical experience with many businesses in this market segment. These guys have been there, in short.

The company’s core offering is an online CRM that makes relationship management intuitive. As a first-time user, organizations expect the CRM to help build an initial database of leads, manage prospective customers, and help close deals, organizing systematic follow-ups and a clear communications history.

That’s exactly what Teamleader provides.

Built with the daily challenges of entrepreneurs and small and medium sized business owners in mind, it ensures any organization is able to maintain a strong and meaningful relationship with its clients and prospects over the full customer lifecycle. We also found that it is very effective in maintaining good ongoing relationships for both parties.

The Online CRM is the company’s main offering, is reasonably priced when compared to its potentially eye-watering enterprise-grade peers, and supports more than 45,000 users across Europe. Unlike those high-end providers who seem to want to “fire-and-forget” with their (expensive) products, Teamleader as a company is very hands-on when it comes to ensuring that its customers get the absolute best from the platform.

Apart from the first-rate support on offer, there’s also a wide range of e-books that give up-to-date advice on a range of issues, ranging from becoming customer-centric to how to generate genuinely fruitful leads, time management and quote optimization.

Since organizations usually work with a variety of digital tools, both online as SaaSs and in-house, Teamleader offers a host of integrations allowing customers to not only customize how they use their CRM but also make the most of their legacy systems. Some of these, like Excel sheets, are probably best replaced by the more capable Teamleader platform, and the platform integrates with dozens of third-party apps in everyday use, from Office365, to VOIP and time-tracking platforms, Sage, Zapier, payment gateways and MailChimp.

In order to ensure that customers are able to leverage the CRM to really get more out of the software and go deeper, Teamleader offers three great add-on modules: Invoicing, Project Management, and Support Tickets.

The invoicing module helps any organization leverage information from the CRM to draft quotations and invoices quickly, seamlessly, and automatically. It also sends automatic payment reminders to customers, making life simpler for those managing finances. It integrates, of course, with popular accounting tools in order to make book-keeping a fully joined-up process. Data about sales and invoices flow seamlessly to third-party software providers or apps that can sort transactions and match payments, for example, saving precious time and energy.

Next, the project management module, is something that a lot of service-based SMEs need to better manage their operations and optimize their workflows. It provides great visibility into tasks and workloads across different divisions in the business, making it easier to plan resources and deadlines. The overall visibility means that (for instance) sales teams can see projects’ statuses and therefore plan future deals accordingly.

Finally, the third module deals with support tickets, essentially turning the organization’s CRM into a 360-degree help and support management powerhouse to more fully focus on the customer.

Businesses reviewing the Teamleader CRM will find that it is a robust and all-encompassing solution. At the end of the day, there’s a lot that a great CRM can provide to your customers. A provider like Teamleader is a great choice for most small and mid-sized organizations, especially with regards the modular design which means  modules can be added as and when required as the company grows. Pricing reflects that approach, so you can start at a low entry-level price point and build upwards & wider, adding users and features as the business expands. If you’d like to learn more about Teamleader’s offerings, sign your team up for a free 14-day trial now.