How Signavio drives digital maturity through process intelligence

2 April 2019 | 3590 Shares

Global expansion has been a critical competitive edge for companies but has also caused systems and processes to get fragmented. Although growth strategies heavily dominated by M&A (mergers & acquisitions) seem to be a major reason for incoherent processes, diverse local regulations and trade practices are also to blame.

However, as organizations make progress with their digital transformation agenda and move up the maturity curve, they need to build with a greater degree of care.

Automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and several other next-gen technologies can only be leveraged for operational gains if processes that the organization uses are efficient and effective. The reality for a majority of the mid- and large-sized enterprises is that a majority of their processes could benefit from some form of evaluation, audit, and upgrade.

Signavio, a global digital transformation powerhouse headquartered in Germany, has helped several companies across North America, Europe, the UK, and Asia-Pacific make quick progress to their digital goals.

While consulting with clients, the company realized that its Process Intelligence offering is one of the most valuable services for those looking to comb through their processes in order to optimize their global operations.

A multinational manufacturer it worked with recently, for example, who grew significantly through acquisitions over the past decade, faced significant challenges with regards to processes. Specifically, geographically-distributed IT systems duplicated efforts so multiple versions of similar processes created inconsistencies for the 30,000 employee-strong enterprise.

Since the legacy system was resource-heavy and cost more money than was practical, the organization decided to build a single, consolidated SAP-based ERP system. Although the idea was correct, it was felt, the company quickly realized that the analysis at the front-end to determine which systems and processes to keep and which to discard would be quite time consuming and could even take years.

Signavio Process Intelligence, which essentially provides an agile alternative to the evaluation process, was seen as a valuable route to generate fact-based insights about the efficacy of each process against all others, allowing the company to complete its primary analysis in a few short weeks.

Combined with Signavio’s Process Manager, Signavio Process Intelligence allowed the global manufacturer to achieve many quick wins. Nine months into its project, the company was able to reduce debtor-days to directly optimize its working capital, and could pinpoint potential maverick buying behavior in the purchasing process.

As a result, through the quantifiable success of the various new processes, the global manufacturer is slowly able to turn even the most entrenched of naysayers into advocates for collaboration, and there is significant buy-in for the company’s overall digital transformation agenda.

Typically, Signavio Process Intelligence can deliver results within a week of implementation as a result of an intelligent and tested set of processes Signavio itself follows.

The typical project starts with preparing the data to make it available for mapping with proposed processes. Next, as-is processes are evaluated to identify pain points and troubleshoot areas of concern. Finally, improvements are identified and implemented.

The fourth step is essentially the set-up of a continuous improvement engine to ensure process intelligence constantly provides feedback and helps the company do better in the future.

For some companies, the mapping of data is the biggest hurdle. To help jump-start the project for such companies, Signavio allows the use of simple CSV tables initially and helps set-up a database connected later to monitor real-time performance in new processes.

Signavio definitely understands the value of delivering quick wins. It’s what it’s doing for the large manufacturing company whose digital transformation efforts it’s supporting and is something it is keen on driving for all new clients.

If you’re keen on evaluating how Signavio’s Process Intelligence can help you, get in touch with a representative now or explore a free 30-day trial of the solution.