Aligning strategy with real-world performance, in real-time, with Mavim

26 March 2019 | 3957 Shares

Every business is striving, in a digital age, to use technology in an effective manner to become more efficient. The onus is on all functions in the business to offer the best value to customers, and become, over time, a company with total focus on being customer or stakeholder-oriented. To get to this level, many undertake a process of continuous evaluation and improvement, but without having in place the necessary tools for this to be effective in the medium to long terms.

While there’s often a willingness to implement an enterprise-wide transformation plan, using no platform, or the wrong choice of platform vendor’s products, means that progress falters and results in systems that don’t work together as a coherent whole. There are two necessary aspects to planning and implementing digitally driven change: the first is that the plans on the table have to be three dimensional; that is, broad and all-encompassing, and the second is a time-based commitment to maintaining continuous delivery of change. Together, that’s four-dimensional thinking.

Rather than create a technology framework from disparate parts: different apps and platforms, it’s much more effective to go with a company like Mavim. Its platform draws together information from the different branches, divisions, departments and functions in the organization, forming a single, canonical reference of all data. From that resource, companies can see beyond the individual silos that may have developed in the business over time, and plan out a way to reduce process bottlenecks and formulate a highly efficient, joined-up way of operating.

From first steps that establish the existing technologies and processes in place right across the enterprise, to seeing change management as its effects as it happens in real-time, to a process of constant improvement (Mavim’s solution is one that’s deployed long-term), the Mavim platform guides a company as it strives to implement positive change, whether that’s an increasing customer focus, or a joined-up transformation process.

The Mavim Enterprise Transformation Platform unifies information about assets, processes, people and resources and creates a complete overview of business operations (in a Visio friendly view) meaning decision-makers make more informed decisions. And because of a process of constant monitoring, processes and systems can be optimized as the business reacts and changes over time. Rather than a one-off business process mapping exercise which presents a static view, no sooner published than out of date, with the Mavim Enterprise Transformation Platform, surfaced information is right up to date. Any changes made to processes are fed back into the system, and the collaborative nature of the solution means that stakeholders remain informed via clearly-defined communication channels.

Planned strategies and pre-defined KPIs can be measured against real-world performance, and with real-time monitoring, process bottlenecks can be identified and addressed much more quickly, which improves the business’s focus on its goal. The digital twin can be used, too, to create insight into the potential impact of proposed or imminent changes, with a cohesive interchange between risk, tasks, and processes.

To achieve your business’s objectives and get a proper return on your technology investments, you need a 4D transformation plan, and facility to continuously see it through. With Mavim, your organization receives the necessary tools and frameworks to realize your vision for an ever-improving business.

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