Powerful and scalable, Epicor ERP changes the industrial eco-system

26 February 2019 | 3653 Shares


Some of the most often-quoted advantages of cloud computing don’t make a great deal of impression on whole swathes of industry, despite the best efforts of marketing departments and journalists on pages like this one!

Working remotely, on the road or in airport lounges, may seem like a laudable aim, but in the manufacturing sector this has traditionally been uncommon. Similarly, the move from up-front CAPEX expenditure to a pay-as-you-use model could be welcomed, but in verticals attuned to expenditure on expensive plant and infrastructure, IT investment in on-premise solutions is the norm. However, as manufacturing companies begin to move towards a more digitalized plant with the use of robotics and AI, remote working may become more feasible.

From an operational point of view, IT functions in engineering and manufacturing companies, for example, may be more reluctant than their colleagues in the service industry to shift their ERP or other business management stack into the cloud. After all, if things ain’t broke, why fix them? What must be understood, however, is that deploying your ERP in the cloud brings benefits beyond just flexible and remote accessibility. Cloud software gives access to a multitude of technologies becoming more critical for businesses today, such as AI, IoT and Machine Learning.

It’s this reality that Epicor, a leading supplier of ERP software to manufacturers and industry, both understands and appreciates. Its ERP solution is built on the premises of agility, scalability, and industry-focus. Software already ingrained into companies’ working processes should not be just shut down, and a new solution spun up as a replacement: Epicor understands that. The advantages available to Epicor customers, however, are persuasive enough for many thousands of concerns across the globe to adopt the software platform.

Epicor ERP represents the very latest in software methodology providing a fully integrated ERP system for mid-market manufacturers.

The company can install new systems so companies can hit the ground running in a range of sub-verticals: fabricated metal manufacturing, industrial machinery manufacturing, electronics & high tech, rubber and plastics manufacturing, and furniture & fixtures. Epicor has significant expertise and history in these areas and has built solutions suited to service those specific industries.

Whether it’s improving equipment effectiveness, managing IIoT or providing real time analytics across your business, Epicor ERP is the solution that is designed around you. The platform can be deployed on-premise or is also available in the cloud. By using the same code for either style of deployment, companies can, if desired, move gradually away from bare-metal deployment into the cloud; but there is no imperative to do so. Epicor can advise and help with this transformative digital step when required and thereby allow the company to leverage the very latest, cloud-based technology, such as: big data processing of IIoT information, and cognitive routines that predict possible plant failure, to mention just a couple of the possibilities. Epicor’s offering is about creating agility in business systems and unlocking its users’ creative mindsets.

Consumerization of technology has led to a situation in which businesses are felt to have to respond at the same speed that a mobile app can sign up a user to a new media service, or present up-to-date information. With Epicor ERP, even the most ‘traditional’ of industries can attune their processes to this new, always-on, instant-demand mindset. With significant gains to be made right across the business, isn’t it time you investigated the Epicor solutions?

If your business wants to move into the cloud, or keep its on-premise investment, or just test the water, you decide and dictate. To learn more about this cutting-edge ERP, get in touch.